It's Prince Nathanial to You

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Hello, again!

This is the third and last installment to the Fire Heir series. This continues on from Forbidden Shock (#2 of Fire Heir) with the story on the son of Alyssa and Seth, twenty years later. I suggest you read those two first to understand the stories better, but I hope you enjoy this story as much as the others or even more. I want to make this story different so any ideas? Tell me.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I am going to write it and you will expect to see a lot characters crossovers from the previous books. Enjoy!


Location: Fulmen

Day: 16, Fourth month of Bruma

Nathaniel Roman Cadwell of Fulmen

Hello, and this is the beginning of my story. I will not lead the same story as my parents before me. I want to have my own, unique story that I will narrate myself to my audience.

First of all, your first question may be is what the heck does "Fourth month of Bruma" mean? Yeah, well, here's Fulmen Geography 101. Every twenty or so cycles around certain orbits, every planet gets to experience 7 years of hell. My own words, actually. It's not actual hell. It's more like inevitable weather and you have to deal with it. This year is the winter year, Bruma and the second year of our hell. Last year was Ver, known as the in-between stage. The weather was perfect, but sometimes, it would rain but not a lot. Next year is Aestas and so on. Boring stuff, really.

Second, any other questions about me? Well, I am the honorable and very handsome Prince Nathaniel Roman of Fulmen. My mother is the beautiful Queen Alyssa and the man is King Seth. They have ruled faithfully for over twenty something years. I am the first of five children and the only male heir. The rest are daughters. I will start off with Edlyn.

Edlyn is seventeen years old and the majestic princess. I have to guard my sister's room at night just that no boy plans to see her. She is tall and exalted. She has the blonde hair of Fulmen women, curled at the ends. She has the honey-colored eyes of her father. She inherited the smirk from her father, too, which creates dimples when she smiles. Now you know why I have to protect her so damn much. I'm glad her coming out ball is in one more year.

Next is Cinnia. She is fifteen years old. Don't tell Eddie, but Cinnia is a bit more pretty. I'm sorry I'm saying this, but she is. She is as tall as Eddie, but she's exquisite. She has the mixture of both Fulmen and Inrigo features. She has ash blonde hair cut short for her taste with a mix of blue and brown eyes. She has light freckles across her nose and has the most beautiful spirit. She is outgoing and down to earth. I'm glad she isn't boy crazy yet.

After Cinnia comes Ziska, who is thirteen. She is still growing so no boys are after her, yet. She is average sized, but she is a free spirit. Nothing can tie her down. She inspires me to rebel sometimes. She has a contagious smile and spirit, too. She has the Fulmen blonde hair and blue eyes. She inherited the deep, gazeful blue like Mother. She's amazing.

Now, the baby is the love of my life. Izellah was a surprise really and has enchanted us all with her gorgeous soul. Our Izzy is three years old and the center of our lives. I would give anything to make her happy and she looks a lot like me, too.

I was different from my sisters before Izzy came along. I am as tall as my father with the same broad shoulders, but my hair was a darker brown and my eyes were a darker brown, too. I let my hair grow longer on top than on the bottom and I tried to stay fit to look good. So, Izzy is like my daughter.

Now, about me.

I like to rebel against the rules. I don't like them at all. I don't want to be tied down like how Cinnia is. I don't want my royalty to define who I am. So ... I like getting in trouble. Grandpa Alex beats me for it.

Many people don't believe me when I tell them I am a prince because I really am. I just don't know act like one.

See, I have an issue with royalty. And have attitude issues according to the King and Queen.

Apparently, I am the problem child, but I am not. I just like having all the attention since I am literally the only male in the family, excluding the father.

And yeah, I like to have fun. A lot. And I like girls. A lot.

Love me or hate me.

I don't care.

As long as I'm happy with myself, then I'm okay.


So what you think?




(I will post a sort of picture of how Nate looks like.)

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