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I never really got to know "Joey". But I got to know Jo-Vaughn very well. I got to know the prodies too but my heart was completely set on Jo-Vaughn.

You could say I was head over heels but always hid it while around him and the prodies. I always kept my hopes up because I was only 3 years younger than him.

I listened to their cyphers without them knowing because one of them would shoo me away and the whole group would go along with it to shut him up.

They were talented...very talented.

In 10th grade I was alone so I began to drown myself in clothes. Although Joey graduated he was still up there everyday as if he was held back but we didn't talk much....not at all really. I became closed up and boxed in focusing strictly on fashion and school. The people that knew me were ghost that I looked right through. They acted as if I was a alien and they were the last humans on earth.

I soon got use to it and cut them off just as they did me. My hopes that maybe me and Joey would be a thing was gone.

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