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Okay this is getting ridicules! So many Suicidal requests! Wtf!? Lets get this over with!

Y/n pov

I cried had, putting the bullet in the gun. So much for friends! The only ones I had just told me I wasn't worth it and left. They didn't want to deal with my suicidal thoughts and cuts. I cried harder, taking the safety off. My hands were trembling as I raised it to my head. 
My family were dead.
My friends just left.
I'm told to do it everyday.
I'm not worth it.
I'm not worth the life I have. 
Just close your eyes...
And pull the trigger.
I closed them, and placed my finger on the trigger. I started to pull it, when something whizzed threw the air, and knocked it out of my hand. A loud bang rang threw the woods as the bullet hit the ground. I gasped and looked at the was embedded in a tree, an arrow sticking out of it. I spun around, seeing a man standing twenty feet away. He stood with his body turned, a bow raised. I stumbled backwards. His red eyes glared into mine, his mouth twisted back in a sneer. His red and black checkered hoodie was splattered with what looked like blood. He growled ad lowered the bow. "Stupid girl." He hissed, and walked forwards. He stopped ten feet away when he saw me whimper and step back, eyeing the weapon. He sighed frustratingly, and dropped the bow and quivers. He then pulled out a knife and threw it beside it, and another, and another! All covered with blood. "Better?" He hissed threw gritted teeth. I calmed down a little, still freaked out. He stopped three feet away. Then threw down another small knife! All trust was lost. I stepped back again. "That's all I swear." I said, putting his hands up. "Wait.." He pulled out ANOTHER KNIFE. "Okay that's all." He mumbled, dropping it and kicking it, and the other, away. I still didn't trust him. He turned all his pockets inside out, "See?" He clearly didn't have any patience. "Now why the hell would you do something like that?!" He yelled. I whimpered again and stumbled over my words, terrified, again. He sighed loudly and pinched the bridge of his nose, mumbling, "God I'm going should be dead." He looked into my E/c eyes. He asked again, trying to be calmer, or nicer. "I-I...l-life?" He rolled his eyes, "Whatever. This conversation isn't going anywhere. What's your name?" This is not a nice guy. "U-um...Y-Y-AH!" I yelped and jumped backwards as a diamond ax flew past my face. "JEROME!" The guy yelled into the forest. "Not this one?" A voice yelled back. "NO! GET OUT OF HERE!" "Fiiine!" There was movement somewhere. I'm nor horrified! I was still crying, at this point it was just getting worse. HE sighed softly, "Alright calm down." It sounded more like a command. He sighed again and...very very hesitantly hugged me. He definitely didn't like the hug. I relaxed slightly and, also hesitantly, hugged back. He became slightly less tense. "I'm sorry." He whispered, it sounded like a genuine apology. I laid my head on his chest, crying into his hoodie. He twitched slightly, yep he hated this. The man ran his fingers threw my hair and tried to calm me down. Maybe he didn't hate it too much? He muttered something inaudible. He then picked me up, holding me bridal style. I yelped and threw my arms over his neck/shoulder, worried he would drop me. "You're not aloud to go home." He hissed. "Wh-what?" He hissed, "Can't have you trying anything. So you're not aloud at your home. Now shut up." I shakily sighed and looked down, I would be losing the house in a few weeks...but I didn't say anything. "JEROME! I KNOW YOU'RE THERE!" Another 'person' came out of the forest "Yeah I was ease dropping. Not even gonna lie." He looked like a...bear? He had fur all over his body, and eyes, black with red pupils, no white. His dark black claws glistened with blood. So was his slightly ripped black suit. The red tie un tucked. "Hold this." He said and threw me into his arms. Both me and the bear thing yelped, me being louder. He instantly dropped me. "Oops." He mumbled. The man with the hoodie glared at him. I just sat on the ground. He walked around and picked up every knife he threw or dropped. Shoving each into a pocket -one in his shoe-. He picked up the bow and quiver and threw it over his shoulder, then picked me up again. "You're horrible at holding things." He mumbled. The furry thing just shrugged. "'s..this?" He motioned to me. I hated being called a thing. "My name's Y/n." I mumbled. "Oh god it talks." I just looked down. "Jerome shut up." He mumbled something. "I'll explain later. Just be a good dog." The fluffy thing growled, bearing sharp teeth. He started walking, the fluff ball following him. After a few minutes, I asked, "Wh....wh-who are y-you people...?" The one holding scoffed, "I'm surprised you don't know who the 'Horrific Murder Duo' is!" I thought about it for a moment. Then my eyes widened. I remember reading reports and watching the news. 'The Murder Duo strikes again! Killing hundreds!' things like that. "Wh-what!?" Fluffy chuckled, "Yeah, I'm Jerome. The pale freak holding you his Mitch." 'Mitch' grabbed something from his pocket and slashed it at Jerome. A large cut ran across his neck, ear to ear. He shrieked and feel to the ground. I screamed and struggled, horrified. He, however, held me tightly. Mitch rolled his eyes, "Get up you idiot." Jerome...actually got up, "Aw, you're no fun!" I starred at him with wide eyes. "Don;t question it, girly." Another slash across the face. "Okay! I know not to touch your things now!" Mitch said nothing, not stopping his stride. Jerome walked a little faster, in order to keep up. I just didn't move after that. "Th-things?" I whispered slightly. "Pffft." Jerome tried not to laugh. Mitch's lips twitched. "You're now his. Congrats!" He clapped slowly. Mich didn't say anything, however the glint in his eyes said that he wasn't lying. I stayed silent after that. After a while, a huge old looking house came into view. It looked run down, and..very old. He slammed open thee door, shutting it on Jerome. He slammed into it with a loud bang. Mitch walked up stairs and opened a door, setting me on a bed. The room was actually pretty clean. "Now." He hissed, and sat beside me, "Start talking. Go." I looked down, and before I could stop myself, I told him everything. At the end, he sighed, and brought me into a hug. He didn't hesitate this time. I hugged back, tearing up again. He ran his fingers threw my hair, like he did before, but being nicer. He gently wiped my tears away and whispered soothing things to me. Mitch then made me lay down, under the covers, "Get some sleep." He stood up and started to leave, hesitantly, I grabbed his wrist. "W-will you st-stay with m-me...u-until I f-fall asl-sleep?" He sighed slightly and laid beside me. He pulled me against his chest, "Better?" "I-I expected you t-to sit beside me...but this works." I basically snuggled into his chest before he could do anything. He smiled slightly and held me close. And in a few minutes, I was peacefully asleep. And in the end...he was there all night.

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