Midnight Purrs {On Hold}

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The name is Flora, Flora Juniper Cruise, daughter of Juniper Cruise and Arden Cruise, no siblings and no boyfriend. This is Me.

I'm a Panther, I only turn into one when is night, but once I find my mate we will chose to be Panthers all the time or just Panthers at night but at the moment I living my life since I only turned into a panther at 16 and now I'm 19, I'm not looking for my soul mate yet, human boys fall onto their knees when I walk past, I know I'm pretty but they dont know me form the inside.

I never sleep, us big cats, there are millions of us all over the world never sleep nor nap, we dont go party at night because by 9:00pm we must be in the forest so we can turn into our big cat form.


What happens when the big cats are threatend to be killed by hunters and the next generation are the ones being hunted. The adults and elders send all the wild big cats, and a few small ones into a hotel just safe enough to hold all the teens and children in the middle of the forest where no hunter goes to keep them safe.

Find out in, Midnight Purrs

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