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Pen Your Pride

Imagine 4- Quickie: (Dirty)

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"Just one last kiss?" Justin's voice pleaded making you smile at the pouting boy in front of you.

"Justin, you have to go in like two minutes." You laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck.

"Two minutes is a long enough kiss though Y/N.."

"If you say s-"

Your sentence was cut off by Justin's lips against your roughly, he seeped the kiss in further by pressing you against the wall behind you.

You playfully bit his lip, hearing a low moan play from his lips as his tongue slid against your own.

"One minute." His husky voice whispered picking you up quickly.

Your legs snaked around his waist as he balanced you on the kitchen table fumbling with your belt that was firmly placed around your waist.

"Let's make it quick then." You huffed, pushing his grey sweat pants down his legs as both of sets of undergarments were thrown to the side.

Your loud moan could of been heard from a block away, as Justin shoved his full sized length into you.

"Let it all out." He whispered, pounding further into you. "Justin!" You shrieked, tugging on his hair as he kept his pace. 


A small smile tugged on his lips as sweat droplets dropped from his face, you buckled your hips with his as he moaned in plessure, sucking on your neck harshly. 


You both looked at eachother in panic, knowing that Scooter was right outside on the front porch waiting for one of you to answer the door. 

"Here's your pants!" You hushed, throwing them towards him. 

He sighed heavily as you stood up, staring down at the naked figure infront of you intently watching him pull his t-shirt back of his head. 

"This table finally got some good use, eh?" You chuckled, putting one of your legs through a leg hole. "It sure did." he answered, his lips curving upwards.

The knock on the door interupted you again, the small laughs that was coming from each of you as you re-dressed  yourselves. "Justin, time to go!" The familiar voice spoke, making you groan loudly. 

"Baby, don't look so sad! We just had the best goodbye ever." Justin spoke, pulling you in by his hands on your waist. 

"And this time it's only two weeks, ok?" 

You nodded your head as you kissed his lips, knowing that the kiss would keep him there longer. "Mmm, save those kisses for when I get home and then we can continue on the table." He laughed, grabbing his suitcases. 

"Justin, serioulsly time to go!"

He opened the front door, reavealing a pissed looking Scooter. "Sorry, last minute packing.." Justin lied, walking down the steps quickly. 

"I just forgot my pants, and Y/N helped me with that.." 

"I don't even wanna know how.." Scooter laughed, shaking his head as he waved goodbye too you. 

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