Author's Note #1

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I am opening requests until I decide that I need a break from writing. Here's what you gotta do if you want an imagine or prefence.

Step 1

Message me (Ask if I am taking requests)

Step 2

Fill this out:


-Name (Optional it can be an imagine with Y/N)

-Apperance (Optional)

-What you want to happen

-What type of imagine (Happy, sad, cute, funny, angry, etc)

-Brother (Optional)


-What type of preference (Happy, Sad, Cute, Funny, Angry, Pregnancy Series)

-What you want to happen (Reaction, Break up/Make up, Love, Smut, Fluff)

So that's all you need to do. And I am busy with school (I just started HS) so if I respond o your message, it means that I will do the imagine, but youy may have to wait a couple days.

And if I don't respond to your imagines in less than two  weeks, I am busy with God knows what, but if I don't respond in a month or more, I am super busy. Don't take offense if I don't respond in two seconds.  

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