Chapter 166

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She let out a sigh, believing she was safe.

Yours, Lucifer caressed. His voice warmed Zayn, hypnotised Zayn, and despite how the King willed it away, willed for the strength and love he had for Evelyn to come forth, so that he would make the right choice, he was overpowered.

Fire against fire. One always burn brighter, stronger, hotter.

He felt inflamed. His blood was inferno beneath skin, eroding his veins, grinding him down, darkening the edges.

He breathed, each lungful of air laboured and arduous.

His hands shook.



You are the King.

I am the King.

She is yours.

She is mine.

Don't let her go.

I won't... he twitched.

Don't let her go.

I love her.

Don't let her go.

Hands in fists, Zayn watched as Evelyn entered the room, her hair ruffled by wind, her heart beating faster than should in attempt to regain optimum temperature.

"Where have you been?" He kept his voice casual, but laced an imperceptibly cold threat between the words.

As she heard his voice, the voice he knew haunted her nightmares, the voice of the man who took everything from her, she let out a little scream. Her heart raced, hands trembled, irises encircled by whites as she stopped cold, a deer in the headlights.


Zayn licked his lips, his tongue a dart of pink.

Soft, sweet, delicious. Look at her. Remember what it felt to hold her, to have her, to be between her thighs and her flesh in your clasp? She is yours. Lucifer's voice was ensnaring, alluring, beguiling the part Zayn hated most about himself.

Like the serpent seduced Eve, Lucifer seduced Zayn, called to his pride, his selfish nature, his unyielding power.

You have the world at its knees. Why not her? Make her love you, teach her, fuck her till she does. Nothing but a human, nothing but a pathetic, worthless human. Garbage. Worthless. Think of your child, the baby inside her belly, Dara, the soft of Lucifer's voice hardened to a rasp at the name, your daughter, and Romeo, your son. They are your children, they are your blood. Yours. All of them. They are still alive, their hearts still beat. They are the fruits of your loins, they will not be smothered so easily by poison. You can save them. You can be loved. You can be a father. You can have a family and be happy, for the first time in so long, you can truly be happy and love something that loves you back. Don't let her take that away. Fight.

"I-I..." she stuttered.

"Don't bother lying; tell me the truth, Evelyn."

Her feet stumbled backward till she was against the wall. Before their hearts fluttered another beat, he crossed the room and was before her.

Her scent consumed his lungs. Apple and honey and cinnamon.

"You're cold," he noted. His index finger ran down the length of her flushed cheek before he could pause. The touch ignited a spark that flared a fire. Regret didn't even have time to raise its head before his mind was overwhelmed by sinful, dangerous thoughts that could destroy everything he'd tried for, burn the life of laughters and smiles he desperately wished to render her, to grey ashes that would dance away to oblivion with the breath of wind.

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