Bad Girl

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I burst into the house not glancing back at the angry people running towards me, I slid down the door and sighed letting out a small chuckle. "What did you do this time?" My sister said coming down the stairs.

"Well I kind of made some people's alarms go off at the grocery store. I almost got away with it but some little kid shouted 'there she is' when I was trying to get away from this one car, but my jacket was stuck." I said with a smile. "How did you even get in the cars?" My sister questioned, she was only a year younger than I, so we were pretty close.

I held up my partner in crime that was hidden behind my back, "I found it in the shed." I said smiling. My back started rattling as somebody pounded on the front door. I got up and let my sister handle it, she was like the manger to all of my pranks, and she always calmed down the angry mob that would stand outside our house. I sat on the far end of the living room so nobody would see me.

My sister opened the door "I am so sorry for whatever Melanie has done, she would have come out herself and apologized, but she feels ashamed of what she has done, as she was being very immature and was drinking. Yes, I know she is under age but that is the type of peer pressure we teenagers go through these days to fit in. So please excuse Melanie as she wouldn't have done this had she been sober." I could hear all those pathetic and gullible people believing her every word, saying how sorry they all felt for me.

My sister Alicia was known to be a good person, an A-plus student, and she was a very persuadable person. Her brown hair flowed past her shoulders in waves and those hazel eyes only added to her image, she took after my mother's Spanish side. My mother is mixed Mexican and African; she is very beautiful with creamy type skin and hazel eyes from her mother's side, and full lips and a curvy figure from her father's side.

I on the other hand look just like my father. My father is Native American and German, he has very dark hair but also very pale skin, he was tall and lean with blue eyes. I had blue eyes and long straight black-brown hair that would flow well past my breasts if I didn't cut it so often. Both my sister and I were blessed with the curvy figures and full lips from our grandfather on my mother's side.

As soon as my sister shut the door I gave her a hug, an even faster 'thank you' and complemented her story before heading up stairs. Alicia may be known as a good person but she was also a little prankster too.

Helping me get out of pranks gone wrong and thinking up ideas was her specialty. Ever since my father and mother decided to take a year off of work and explore the world; leaving their 16 and 17 year old daughters at home to fend for themselves mind you, we decided to have some fun.

I picked up my phone to call Victoria, my best friend since 6th grade and the one I spill everything to. "Hello." I said as the ringing stopped and was replaced by silence. "Hey Mel!!!!" She screamed in my ear as I laughed. "Hey Vee! You want to head out tonight." I asked hopeful she'll say yes. "Sure, want to leave at 11?" She asked.

She already knew we were going somewhere we weren't supposed to, but we have fake ID's. We also looked as if we could pass as 21. "Yeah wanna come over and get dressed?" I could hear her getting excited, she loved coming over my house. "Hell yeah girl, I'll be over in 5." She said before hanging up.

Not even 5 minutes later Victoria was over "Hey Vee ready to get dressed?" She walked into my bedroom and nodded her head; I moved over to my walk-in closet and pushed back a bunch of clothes to reveal a small door.

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