Part 2

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I decided to give myself a day off from studying. It was about time I had some down time, so I decided to take my camera out for the day. I packed up my bag, dragged my bike out and set out for a leisurely cycle along the streets.

The overcast weather was perfect for shooting landscapes and I soon stopped at the seafront and began clicking away. Due to the early hour, there weren't many people, but I managed to get a few candids of the before work joggers who were pounding along the beach. I locked my bike up and walked down onto the damp sand.

I slowly headed along the water's edge watching the last few people leave to get ready for work, leaving me alone on the wide expanse of open space. I made my way towards the short pier near the end of the beach where I could sit and just reflect. Once I had even spotted a pod of dolphins playing about a mile away from me. Maybe they'd be back and I could finally get a decent shot of them.

It was so peaceful out there on the pier. I took my time walking to the very end, making the most of watching the undisturbed expanse around me. There were no dolphins, but I captured some of the fishing boats readying themselves to start their day. I simply sat and watched the gentle waves, letting my mind wander.

As the clouds began to clear and allow the sun to peek through hazily, I decided to go to the rock pools; my own personal haven ever since I was a child. I could sit and think my way through any problems I had or regress to that eight year old who liked to hunt.

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