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Chapter 1

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A few days earlier in his unnatural life that Rufus lived. He woke up, stretched, and walking out of his cave, Rufus saw that the main gathering area of the "house" was destroyed. On the pile of rubble that had been a couch, there was a scroll that was written in horrible cursive and he saw that it said “By order of king Wamort, the Dogia family has been taken toFarmadlie jail for the "treasonous" Act of living in a cave instead of normal living conditions for the Vintell. May this stand as an example of what the Nutgill guards will do to those who defy the law."

 After leaving his house, and walking down the brick path, he found a  in a recently abandoned farm along the path to Farmadlie. Inside was a trapped Derkal, which Rufus named Jim. After finding this steed of a wolf- horse and passing Oak and Maple trees with the occasional sycamore, along the path they came to a fork in the road. Where the rider saw parts of a sign on a willow behind its branches.

When Rufus moved the long drooping branches he read that the left path led to Burns. From that path came a traveler who wore a blue cloak that covered everything but his snout. It yelled at him “hurry kind sir the hairless ones are about to brainwash a Griffin and his rider !” “why should I help, when you obviously can ?”“Because they have - error, error, intruder alert !” It was apparent that the stranger had been brainwashed, because of the glassy stare in the wolf’s eyes. Rufus made it in time, right before  the creepy hairless leader was about to about to hypnotize another victim.  

They then talked about what had happened “Hello, I’m Rufus, and you are ?” “Max” “Who was that” “ he was Larry my mentor until they brain washed him to waylay unsuspecting Traveler.” answered Max “what were you two doing?”“ To save princess Cahish from Farmadlie.” They talked about more things while flying there, until making it to a  thunderstorm. Rufus and Max survived the lighting by holding rubber rods. But because they came from, Leo, he was slightly shocked by the negative ions from flashes in the sky.

Over in the Jail, things had gone from bad to worse for Dawin, a brother of Rufus. everyone had been taken to the brainwash chambers. He heard sounds of hairless ones walking outside his dark cell, coming for him. Then sounds of them getting beaten up. The door opened and there he was, his long lost brother Rufus. It had been by chance that Rufus’s room was under a trap door, hidden well in the dark

After being chased by a ton of guards, they made it back to their rides and flew away from the castle. While archers started to shoot arrows at Dawin, Max, and Rufus. Soon caws and squawks could be heard. They came from a humongous flock of extra large ravens that left smoke in their path. By the time they made it to Songlia, a nearby village to Farmadile, the ravens had snached Max and Leo.

When Dawin, and Rufus make it over the Tri mountains, the birds started to throw rocks causing Jim to rock his passengers violently. Soon a small injury the derkal received from the Farmadile archers started to get worse, allowing a boulder to hit him, which caused the riders to be ejected. The Smoky Black Birds saw that their work was done and flew back to howl island.

When Rufus was knocked out he remembered how life was a year ago, it had been before the rule of King Wamort. Everything was going fine until the republic was taken over. As it turned out, the Dogia family was one of the last of the Vintell, an opposing tribe to the Nutgill, who the hairless ones were guards of.

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