Chapter One

I sat outside in my back yard on the tree swing. I built it with my best friend when we were little. The moon shone down brilliantly through the darkness around me. The sound of crickets was all I could hear. A feeling of tranquillity washed over me; I could think here, it was peaceful.  

I stared down at the blank page in front of me. It had been this way for the whole summer; nothing inspired me enough to write about it. Grace was gone. My inspiration and muse had left.  I often sat out here to reflect on my life; since Grace had gone I had nothing to reflect on. But tomorrow that was going to change, I would see her for the first time in months and the place in my heart that belonged to Grace; would fill up again.

Tomorrow was the first day back at school after the summer. I hated school. I was a B standard student, this came quite easily to me. If I applied myself more I could probably achieve better grades, but my heart has always been elsewhere. My music has always been number one, the most important thing to me. My father and Grace had always supported that and the reasons why.

My phone ringing smashed me out of my train of thought, I took it out of my pocket and my face lit up as I looked down at the caller ID, it was Grace.

“Hello?” I answered, trying to sound calm

“OLIVER!” She screeched, not bothering to hold back her excitement, “I’ve missed you! How are you? I’ve forgotten what you look like!” She blabbed and then stopped to breath.

“I’ve missed you too Grace” I began, “I’m great what about you? And tell me about it! My summer has sucked without you, how was Italy?” I replied honestly.

“I’m good too! Aww Oliver I’m sorry for leaving you all summer but I’ll have to tell you about Italy tomorrow, Aiden has just pulled up, bye!” she said quickly and hung up the phone, not bothering to give me time to respond.

I pulled the phone away from my ear and looked at it in disbelief, nice talking to you too, I said quietly to myself. I put my phone back in my pocket and stared down at my notebook. Disappointment and loneliness washed over me, Aiden would always be more to her than I was, I had no chance, I was nothing.

I threw my tatty lined notebook on the kitchen table as I walked past it and headed up to my room. I collapsed onto my bed miserably. Soon I drifted off into a deep, dreamless sleep.

My alarm clock sounded loudly, waking me up in its process. I opened my eyes and blinked rapidly, trying to adjust my eyes to handle the brilliant sunshine gleaming through my window. I got myself out of bed and headed for the shower. When I was finished I brushed my teeth and went into my bedroom. I quickly put on my uniform and grabbed my backpack.

I walked downstairs and into my kitchen where my dad was sat at the dining table flicking through my notebook. I watched him for a few seconds until he looked up.

“Are all of these about Grace?” he asked.

“No, why are you looking at that?” I replied quickly, pulling it out of his hands.

“Son, you’re songs are terrific, you shouldn’t be ashamed of them, your mother...”

I cut him off quickly, not wanting to hear what he had to say.

“I’m going to school” I stated, shoving my notebook in my backpack.

“You should eat something, it’s a big day for you, first day back at school and all that jazz” he said calmly.

“I’m not hungry” I stated.

“Atleast eat this” he reasoned, tossing me an apple; he smiled at me as I took a bite out of it, I couldn’t blame him for trying.

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