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[A/N: listen to Bobby Andonov, Ready When You Get Here because I love this song and he sounds like Harry!! Ily all <3 ]

"Mom--I don't like this," I say as I help her into the kitchen.

"Well I can't walk very well--,"

"No," I say as I sit her in the kitchen chair. "I meant about Harry...he has only been gone for an hour and I feel like I'm falling apart,"

"Honey," she says as she cups my face, smiling as tears fill my eyes. "He will wait for you, and I know it might sound crazy but I know you'll be ready when he gets back,"

"I should get cooking--I'll make soup," I say as she kisses my cheek and watches me as I start pulling out things to make soup.

Harry's flight takes about three to four hours and he can't call on the flight. God now that I finally got to see him and we've talked--I feel like I'm about to relive all that depression and sadness.

"He wanted me to go with him," I whisper and she raises her eyebrows.

"He did?"

"Yes--but I said no because I have to take care of you," I say and she huffs.

"I'm so sorry honey. I know you miss him, I can tell by the way you are acting and the look in your eyes,"

"You can?" I ask, wiping my eyes and she gives me a sad smile.

"I've raised you since you were a baby dork. I know what you do when you're sad," she says and I clear my throat.

"I'll get over it--at least we are talking now," I shrug, trying to look at the bright side.

But honestly I feel like I'm standing under a umbrella that has a bunch of holes as it pours rain on top of me.

I can't wait another year--I just can't.

<Two months later>

"It's my first day back at college," I say into the phone, smiling.

"Well have fun baby. I'm glad you're pursuing your music career," Harry says making me smile as I continue to pull on my clothes.

"I am too--I wish you could come to one of my concerts. I have one this Friday and I'm super nervous because it's going to be on tv again,"

"Well I'll make sure to watch it baby. I have to get some sleep,"

"Okay--I love you," I say as I pick up my phone and turn it off speaker, holding it back to my ear as I bite my lip.

"I love you so much Bee--I miss you to death. We only have 10 months left,"

"God I miss you too," I huff, closing my eyes and picturing him here with me.

"Have a good day sweety,"

"Goodnight," I smile before I hang up slowly and slip my phone into my bag.

When it's morning here it's night time for him and when it's night time here it's day there--the time zones make it hard to talk very much.

These past two months have been filled with tears and cuddling into my pillow that has one of Harry's shirts on it so it smells like him.

I walk to Mandy who is outside waiting for me as she kisses Mick goodbye as he goes to his own class.

"So how is he?" She asks--she knows I call Harry every morning and text him every night.

"He is doing good. He said he gave out flu shots today and that the kids are so much happier now since they can eat meals everyday,"

"I'm starting to hate him less," she says making me roll my eyes.

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