Chapter 1: A String of Shocked Hearts.

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Song for chapter: "Marry You" - Bruno Mars.


"Will you marry me?" He asked carefully; his eyes trained on the pair of disbelieving silver pupils staring back at him.

The lady in front of him; Lisa, sat calmly with her hands wrapped around her mouth in a gasping fashion. He could detect a slight tremble in her manicured fingers and yet, she hadn't said anything, she'd only gasped in shock.

"So, what will it be?" He asked again.

She blinked; her silver eyes darkening slightly as she drew her attention back to him and away from wherever she had disappeared to. He watched carefully as her eyebrows lowered just an inch and the corners of her eyes quickly followed; crinkling briefly. He gulped as he prepared himself for what he knew would soon come.

It happened so fast. Her soft, distant gaze turned dark as her eyes set on him. Her gaping mouth shut and her lips pushed forward in a tight angry snarl. Her nose scrunched up and her eyes squeezed into tiny slits and then it happened.

She slapped him.

The restaurant fell into an awkward silence instantly; the thwack of the slap far too loud to ignore. The force of the slap to his cheek sent his face flying to the left. He bit his tongue in the hopes that the tears would not surface.

This one hurt more than the previous one.

He could hear Lisa's quiet little huffs as she fought to control her anger. He took a moment to work his jaw and to let the reverberating pain subside. He heard her clear her throat, and then the tapping of her heels as she stormed out of the small café.

He ignored the stares as he looked towards the little black book he held on the table in front of him. He sighed as he opened the book to where he had left his pen to book the page. He let his eyes scan the page until he found what he was looking for and then; with his pen, he drew a solid black line through the name.

"Another one down," He muttered to himself. He glanced at his watch noticing he had only fifteen more minutes until the next girl arrived.

"Would you like another Sir?" He glanced up from his book at the question; his eyes landing on his waitress.

"Yes," He answered curtly. He had no time or desire to be friendly with the help. He looked back down towards his book and closed it with another tired sigh. His waitress had left and he was once again alone at the table as he awaited for yet another one of his ex conquests to arrive.

He hadn't had to wait long before another cup of coffee was placed on his table. He was grateful to be served by such a competent waitress. Though; it was clear that she was a stunning woman, he was relieved when he had sat down and she had not tried to flirt with him. In fact, she hadn't even spared a second glance in his direction. She was curt and professional and he admired her obvious work ethic. It was a welcoming change.

"How much longer will you be using this table sir?" His waitress asked. He snuck a glance at her nametag and saw that her name was Annabelle. A beautiful name he thought. It suited her. Her mahogany, rich brown hair was pulled away from her face and into a tight bun on the top of her head. Her oval shaped face was simply emphasised by her vivid cheekbones and thick pouting lips. Her eyes; which held just a smidge of irritation in them, were a striking image of soft brown that reminded him of autumn.

She was a true beauty.

"Well?" She asked again. This time she hadn't cared to hide her irritation.

He nodded, "I have only one more person to see so I shouldn't be much longer. Maybe twenty minutes more."

She nodded and then heaved an exhausted sigh. She turned her back on him and he smirked at the sight. The back was almost as good as the front view.

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