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Back in 2004, more than 10 years ago and well before it was easy for an author to consider self-publishing, I found myself in an interesting quandary.

My first short story sale was published in 1992 -- and in the next decade or so, I had had a couple of dozen other stories and poems published in various small press magazines. But their circulation was limited, and whenever anybody asked me where they could find my work in print there was no easy answer.

So, against the advice of my writer friends, I decided to collect those previously published stories into a single volume. And, at the end, I provided some "behind the story" notes as fun "extras" to accompany the tales.

That book was released more than 10 years ago and is one that continues to find new readers today. Many of my readers comment that they enjoy the "behind the story" notes almost as much as the tales themselves.

So, to celebrate the 11th anniversary (because 10 is too obvious, right?), I'm releasing the book here on Wattpad in its entirety.

A 2015 Halloween treat you might say.

I've changed the way that the original paperback was formatted. Instead of putting the notes at the very end, I have included them immediately after each story.

Enjoy the screams, and have a fantastic Halloween season.


Mark Leslie

October 2015

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