Hope you like it. I know it's kinda short compared to other chapters in other books but its my first time but hopefully in the future I'll try to make longer chapters for you guys to read! :) oh and POV stands for point of view for those of you who didn't know :) x



*Spencer's POV*



I had started the day of with waking up, getting dressed and having my breakfast

Now it was time to meet my sister's fiancé. To be honest I was not really excited. Melissa's always been a teacher, mummy, and daddy's pet. She always has to kiss up to Mum and Dad and they never see through her stupid lies. Sigh. Well anyways, it was time. I honestly don't know why I'm making it seem like a big deal in my head. It's not like he's Obama.

"Spencer! Time for dinner!", my mum shouted snapping me out of my thoughts. Reluctantly I walked down the stairs and into the dining room. My mum had prepared her "famous lasagna" as Melissa calls it, even though it tastes like the store bought ones. I took a seat at the table as did the rest of my family.

About two minutes later, the doorbell rang. Melissa quickly fixed her hair and applied more lipstick. My Mum, Dad and Melissa walked up to the door standing beside it. "Come on, Spencer, get up." I stood beside my sister. My Mum opened the door and soon Melissa's fiancé was fired with greetings. I didn't even bother to see who he was and how he looked until he stood, faced to me. "Hi, I'm wren, you must be Spencer. I've heard lots about you." "Hi, nice to meet you", I replied with a smile, shaking his hand. I walked to the dinner table like everything was normal and as if I was in the same mood I was in before.- But I wasn't. He was gorgeous.

The rest of the dinner went ok. I mean I was staring at Wren all night but you would too. During the dinner we talked about Wren's job, interests and other things. My parents seemed to really like him- And yep. Even my Dad. At the end of the dinner we all got up and said bye to Wren. But thats not all. He gave me a hug!! Yep!! So this is what fan girls feel like- anyways I blushed like crazy but thankfully no one noticed.



The next morning was a Saturday. I got to sleep till 10. I slept like a baby. I reached out to take out my phone from my bedside cupboard. 4 new texts:

16 May 13 23:17 from Hannah

Hey Spence! What's up? Tried callin u last nite. U probs went to bed early anyways ill talk 2 u 2morrow!

16 May 13 22:04 from Jade

Hiya what's up spency ttyl!

16 May 13 22:00 from Blocked Number

So what you think about Melissa's fiancé ? Oh wait we all know the answer to that. I saw the way you were looking at him....

Love, -A

Who the hell was A! And was he or she watching me last night? Maybe it was Melissa. But why would she sign her name as A? And it couldn't have been Aria. She hasn't arivved from Europe with her family. So I have a stalker?!.... Well that's normal.... (insert sarcasm).





*Aria's POV*

Uggh. I had just gotten back from my flight from Europe. 12 hours!! Pure torture. Especially when I had to sit in the middle with my brother and dad on either side of me snoring. I mean what kind of person can sleep in an aeroplane? It's like sleeping in a box, that has a spider in it,with your mouth open. Too risky. But then again, I'm the most normal person in my family apart from my mum.

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