The phone call and getting ready

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Chapter 2: The phone call and getting ready

*Riley’s POV*

It’s been a week since the funeral. I can sum up my life during these past week in one word; miserable;  I get nightmares at night and the overall atmosphere is tense and sad; even though Nicole and I have been trying to move on it is just so hard but we are getting better so that’s a relief. We finally moved in our new house in central London 3 days ago. I think that the house is amazing. Nicole and I have made it look modern but comfy and homey. All of our stuff are unpacked and put in their places already so all the work is done and I can’t help but feel bored! As for dad’s business, Nicole is now in charge of it since I am only 15 years old and I can’t possibly run his whole business! Besides she is the one who wants to be a businesswomen; I want to be a wedding planner but I still help her with the business too since it is kind of my responsibility too.

I decided that since Nicole is going to be busy running the business and all that I would apply for a job since I am on summer break. Since I absolutely love children I decided to apply for being a babysitter for the summer. I already went to an agency that hire babysitter and they told me that they will tell me when someone wants to hire me to babysit for them.

As I sat in front of the television watching Soul Surfer for the billionth time my phone suddenly started ringing so I answered even though it was an unknown number.

(R=Riley, L=Lou)

R: Hello!

L: Hello, is this Riley Stone?

R: Yes, I am Riley Stone, how can I help you?

L: Well, my name is Louise Teasdale and the babysitting agency gave me your number and your resume to read as I am looking for a babysitter to hire for the summer.

R: Well, I would love to meet you to discuss the details and finalize everything.

L: Okay but I would prefer if we don’t meet in public because of the paparazzi.

Paparazzi? Was she talking about them following me or her? Is she famous or something? I understand about them following me as they have been doing it since the funeral because they wanted to know what will happen to my father’s business and about my thoughts of the whole thing. That’s why Nicole and I are having a press conference to answer all of their questions in hope that they leave both of us alone.

R: Uhhh… okay I agree. Well why don’t you come over tomorrow and we can have dinner at my house and we can discuss the job.

L: Sure that would be great however can I bring some people with me as they kind of have to agree on this too?

R: Of course, my address is 15 Mallorca street floor 8; see you tomorrow at 6:00.

L: Thank you, bye!

R: Later!

The minute I hung up Nicole walked into the living room. “Hey Nicole remember that babysitting job I applied to for the summer?” I said.

“Yeah” replied Nicole.

“Well the clients that are interested in hiring me are coming over tomorrow at 6:00 to have dinner and to discuss the job with us” I said.

“Okay cool” replied Nicole as she headed to the kitchen then she quickly added “Don’t forget that the press conference is in 2 days!”

“Okay” I said back.

*The next day*

It was 5:00 p.m. and the guests were coming in an hour. Since dinner is almost ready I went and had a shower then I went into my walk-in-closet and put on my bra and panties then I searched the racks and finally decided to wear my white lace belted dress with my brown studded sandals. I then threw my hair quickly in a side fish tail braid and painted my nails, and then I put on my window rose-tone bronze ring and my Amrita Singh positano ring. I looked at the clock and saw that it is 5:50. I was done with 10 minutes to spare so I decided to go and check on Nicole. I went to her room and saw her wearing a white tank top that was tucked into her brown Carren full pleat shorts and she had her heels on. Great we are both ready!

Nicole turned to me and said “Hey Riles, you ready?”

I then replied with a simple “yes.”

“Great beca-“she was cut off by the doorbell.

“Looks like they are here” I said then we both headed to the door.

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