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Even though, the woman was absolutely peculiar and she seemed like she came from a whole other land, we all obeyed and took a seat right where we were sitting. The smoke left her cigarette as she huffed and puffed on it as if it was the last one she was going to have in her life. She didn't say anything even though she had all of our attention. Instead, she just smoked as she looked us over. It was almost like she was trying to size us up. A million things began running through my mind, different thoughts, ideas and worries.

What if this woman wasn't so nice? What if she wanted to kill us or something? Everything was so hard to believe, but it was pretty obvious from my burning fingertips that most of the people in this room had supernatural powers. Maybe this woman was like our enemy. Everyone with some kind of superpower in all the movies and comic books has an arch nemesis. So, is this glowing, smoking, all black wearing lady ours? I stared at her skeptically, thinking about what evil tricks she had under that black sleeve of hers.

Finally, the strange woman opened her mouth to speak. "Before you go all crazy in your little brains about how I'm here to hurt you, let me tell you that I'm not. Like I said previously, I am your godmother. I'm here to guide you through your journey." What the hell was this woman talking about? I scrunched up my eyebrows with confusion and looked amongst my friends. They looked just as lost as I was.

"Journey," Channing questioned before scoffing.

"Yes. The ten of you girls will be faced with many obstacles for the next year. There's a lot of things that your minds can't process right now. Some of you probably still can't believe that you have 'superpowers', but I'm here to tell you that you do."

"You want to know how I know that you're lying," the girl who had just woke up continued to interrupt the woman in black. The woman trying to talk rolled her eyes but let Channing continue. "I know you're lying because you said 'the ten of you girls.' Guess what? I don't have f-cking superpowers, sister! So, it's more like nine!"

In response, the lady literally laughed. That caught Channing off guard. Her left eyebrow lifted as she stared at the woman as if she was a psycho. "Well, dearie, you have it all misconstrued. You do have powers. Actually, honey, you are the paramount."

"Like the f-cking mountain?"

"More like the supreme, but we'll get to that later. I'm sure you all are wondering just how you got your powers and how I am even relevant in your lives. I told you that I am here to guide you and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

"Guide us to what, lady," Shea asked with annoyance. I was irritated as well. It seemed like the woman was just saying the same things over and over again but not giving us valuable information. I got that she was our godmother, but what the hell did that even mean?

"Bear with me, I know this might sound crazy or unbelievable but each word I say is truthful. The ten of you girls were blessed and I guess also cursed enough to get hit by a lightning strike. Not just any lightning strike. You girls were chosen to take on a task. A very important task. This wasn't just any typical storm as you can see. As you guys passed out and received your powers, a very dark creature returned to the earth. This creature is here to take over the earth and make it her own. She's here to cause havoc and it's up to you girls to stop her with your superpowers."

I actually laughed a little bit. This was definitely like some crazy movie or something. How the hell did anyone expect ten delinquent girls to stop a 'creature'? We can barely keep control of our own lives but someone expects us to save the whole world!? "Who assigned us this 'task'," Primrose asked skeptically.

"Honey, you have the gift of knowledge. You should know," Sophia responded with a shrug. Suddenly, the answer must've came to Primrose because her eyes lit up with disbelief. "Exactly, honey. It's a long story to even fathom but since you're such curious souls and it's almost crucial for you guys to hear the story then I will tell it."

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