Unprofessional Feelings

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****Explicit Content****
Trevor's point of view:
I was sitting at my desk, going over some new business plans for this building I'm getting ready to purchase. This'll be the plan of the century. I began reading through the contract they sent me and then the door opened. I looked up for a second and saw that girl. What's her name again? I know it's unconventional. Oh, Zendaya. Yea, she came in and walked up to my desk with my cup of coffee. She set it on my desk in front of me.
Zendaya- there you go. Your low fat decaf cappuccino with extra foam.
I nodded slightly as I continued reading. She sighed and slammed her hands on the desk, forcing me to look up.
Trevor- excuse me? Who do you think you are?
Zendaya- I think I've been busting my ass for you for three weeks and you haven't even said "thank you". You're a grown ass man. You could fetch your own coffee. I'm a grown ass woman and I don't need to be here. So since I am here, I'd like a little more appreciation.
Trevor- oh, really?
I said leaning over the counter getting in her face. I'm the boss in case she forgot. If I don't wanna say "thank you", I don't have to.
Zendaya- yea, really.
She said getting into my face. I backed away and sat back down. I have no time to deal with insolent bitches like her. But you know, she is the first assistant I've ever had to stand up to me. It's kind of.......sexy.
Zendaya's point of view:
I walked out of Trevor's office for some  fresh air. There's not enough room in there since his ego is so big. Man, I hate him. We've been at it for weeks, and it's only making me respect him less as a boss. He's like that really bossy kid and class who thinks his shit don't stink. It's annoying as fuck. I took a few deep breaths in and out before going back in. When I finally calmed down, I walked back in. He still had his face buried in papers. I sighed and sat down at my desk. He rarely doesn't give me orders and errands to run so I made sure to not get to comfy.
Trevor- you're done.
He said with no emotion is his voice. Done? Crap, please tell me by "done" he doesn't mean "fired".
Zendaya- I'm sorry?
Trevor- you have the afternoon off. Enjoy it.
Zendaya- oh. Okay? Thank you.
I got up and walked out the office. Before I closed the door, I looked back at him. He took a small glance up at me and then I walked away. I walked down the hall and then saw Gregg in the copy room. So I decided to go talk to him. I walked in and nonchalantly walked over to him. He looked at me and smiled.
Gregg- hey, Zendaya. What are you doing here? Shouldn't Trevor be burying you in work?
Zendaya- he gave me the afternoon off.
Gregg- what?! He never does that. Ever!
Zendaya- should I be scared?
Gregg- I don't know. That's the problem.
Then Bella came in.
Bella- what's going on?
Gregg- Trevor gave her the afternoon off.
Bella- seriously? Why?
Zendaya- he didn't tell me.
Gregg- he has something planned. I know it.
Zendaya- I think you guys are just overreacting.
Bella- Zendaya, you're still pretty new here. You don't know Trevor like we know Trevor. He'll be a complete asshole to you. Then when he finally does one teeny tiny little nice thing for you, he'll do something drastic that not only effects you, but the entire company.
Gregg- this is scary as hell. Good luck, Z. You'll need it.
Okay, now I'm a little bit freaked out. I could be getting fired today. Who knows? I could lose my job today. I sighed and ran my hands through my freshly curled hair. Bella came over and hugged me. Although, I've only known her a few weeks, she's become my little sister.
Bella- you'll be fine.
Zendaya- how do you know?
Bella- I don't. But everything will be fine. Trust.
I nodded my head and smiled. She smiled back. I just fixed my blouse and walked out the room and to our apartment. When I walked in, i immediately took a shower and then heard a knock on the door. I wrapped a towel around myself and went to open the door. I opened it and saw Trevor at the door.
Zendaya- hello, Mr. Jackson. What may I....
He interrupted me by pushing me against the wall and kissing me. I kissed back and pushed the door closed to give us some privacy. My hands tugged on his curls as my towel fell to the floor. He picked me up and carried me to my bedroom without breaking the kiss. He laid me down and examined my body. Then he bent down kissing me, leaving hickies on my neck and collarbone. I closed my eyes as I felt so much pleasure from this. Then he led a trail of kisses from my chest all the way down. I arched my back as I felt his tongue on my lips. I gripped the sheets as he continued as I moaned and gasped for breath. He looked up at me from in between my legs and licked his lips. Next thing I knew, we were both naked and making love on my bed. Everything just seemed like a moment of bliss. Until.....

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