32. Overwhelmed

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I had no choice, but to let go of Justin and allow him to continue on with the show. He walked me off stage, kissed my lips and went back on stage. I felt like one of his hysterical fans.

Sammie was standing next to me smiling like crazy. I opened my arms and held her. She hugged me and said, 

"I don't care what you say anymore! That's your man. He wants you! What are you waiting for?" I sniffled. "Come on girl, you need to get cleaned up. We have to finish the show." Sammie led me back to the makeup room. 

"What happened to you?" Tracy exclaimed. 

"She got serenaded by Justin on stage." Sammie answered for me. I sat in the chair. "Are you okay?" Sammie asked. I started crying again. "Are these happy tears?" She laughed and hugged me. I nodded. I took deep breaths trying to calm down. Sammie began to mock me and did the same. I started to laugh.

Tracy touched up my makeup. 

"He is so sweet." I stated, with a cracking voice. I sighed and relaxed a bit. I looked over to Sam. She was shaking her head. 

"I don't know if you need any more clarity about this. Look at how you're reacting to this. Justin makes you so happy. You make him happy." I nodded. "I know you want to be his girlfriend. You just don't want to let him down, but how could you? You're human and you have a past. Who doesn't? Justin is your future and you know it." Sammie snapped her fingers and rolled her neck.

"I know. I know." I rolled my watery eyes. 

"I'll talk to him." 

"Yessss!" Sammie started shaking me. 

"Hey hey! I'm not done. Let me finish the makeup." Tracy pleaded.

There was a knock at the door. 

"Hey, you two. You're on in two minutes. Hurry and go get changed." Sammie ran out of the room and I was right behind her. We quickly stripped out of our clothes and into the next wardrobe.


Me and Sammie rushed to the side of the stage. Justin was just finishing another song. 

"Do I look okay?" I asked Sammie. 

"Your eyes are a little red, but you look fine. Why are you shaking?"

I looked down at my hands. 

"I'm still fragile from earlier." I shyly held my hands behind my back. She smiled and walked on stage. I took another deep breath and followed behind her.

I had a few seconds before we started our routine. I looked around the arena, absorbing all the energy engulfing the place. It was so overwhelming. Soon, it felt like I was dancing on a cloud, when Justin glanced at me with a smile.

Justin had this way of making all my troubles go away. When I think about him, I feel tingly inside. That sounds so girly and childish, but it's true. All he has to do is look in my direction and I get nervous. I want to run away from him and to him at the same time.

I never felt like this before. No one has ever made me this happy. While I'm thinking about my emotions. I realized we just finished Baby and the concert was over. I clapped and cheered off the stage. Justin said his goodbyes to his fans and walked over to me.

"You are so amazing. I wasn't expecting that. It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me." I complimented. 

"I just thought it was the best way to let you know how I felt." He hugged me. I didn't care that he was sweaty. It just felt incredible having him embrace me. "I'll be right back." He walked away.

I headed back to the dancers dressing room. I looked down at my hands again and I was still shaking pretty bad. Maybe I need some water. I walked fast and stopped. I started feeling light-headed. Then, everything went black.

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