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Tsuna blinked his eyes open and sat up on the bed. He looked around the room to find that he was not in his regular bedroom that he is used to waking up to.

"Oh yeah... I'm in the past." Tsuna thought as yesterday's events played in his mind. Yesterday Tsuna and his Guardians were transported into the past and brought to the Vongola Primo's mansion where they are staying at. He remembered telling Primo and his Guardians about himself being Vongola Decimo and the like. Then he went to Giotto's bedroom where he talked some more to Giotto and ended up going to sleep later. He slept in Giotto's bed, of course it was wide enough to fit the both of them without being awkward, but either way, Tsuna felt weird. He never did actually see Giotto sleep though.

"He must have went to bed later and woke up earlier." Tsuna thought. He stretched and got out of bed and looked to see if Giotto was in the room. He wasn't, as Tsuna had guessed he wasn't. He opened the door and walked outside down the long hallway. That hallway also had the bedrooms of the other Guardians of Vongola Family. The bedrooms were upstairs, so Tsuna headed over to the staircase and shuffled down the stairs. He was now in the wide room that you first walk into when you enter the mansion. Standing near one of the doors to the right was Giotto. He looked over and saw Tsuna enter the room and walked over to him.

"Good morning, Decimo." He said and smiled.

"Good morning." Tsuna replied.

"How did you sleep?"


"Hmm, that's good, I want to have you and your Guardians to be comfortable as you're here."

Tsuna nodded and looked to the side. It was a little weird to be having a casual conversation with his ancestor who, not only was seen as a great leader, but he was also, well, dead in his time.

There was clanking sounds in the background and voices talking back to each other. Tsuna shifted his attention to where the sound was coming from, which happened to be the door where Giotto was standing at.

"You should see this." Giotto said and chuckled a little. He led Tsuna over to the door and stood by the side of the entrance so the people inside the room would not see them. Tsuna peeked inside and saw the Mosca that they had encountered and defeated yesterday laying on the ground. Standing on either side of it was Gokudera and G. They were looking down at the Mosca, inspecting it, fiddling with the parts, and talking back and forth to each other. 

"As I suspected, this isn't a Mosca model we've faced before." Gokudera mummbled.

"So what?" G. grumbled.

"So it means that these aren't Spanner's models, and that someone made them using the Mosca as a reference." Gokduera replied.

"So they liked the "Mosca" or whatever and built some to use?" G. asked.


"They probably built them for the purpose of fighting us." G. grumbled.

"Hmm, probably." Gokudera replied. He shifted through some of the metal gears and appliances inside the Mosca, which had the cover taken off to view the mechanics. 

"Now we just have to find something that'll give us a hint to who built it... there must be something here..." Gokudera mumbled. 

"Don't think just because you're familiar with this Mosca thing means you'll get the upper-hand in this!" G. said as he started looking through the machine. 

"I'm going to figure this out before you!" Gokudera replied back. "For Juudaime!"

"There's no way you're showing me up, brat." G. grunted. "For Giotto!"

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