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The Battle has just begun

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Lucy's P.O.V
After I ushered Natsu out of my house, I finally started getting dressed. I wore my usual clothing. I reached for my keys but a pink piece of paper caught my eye, I opened it and it read,
"Dear Lucy,
I wonder if you'd like to go our sometime. I'm really sorry for the way I've been acting. It's just hard to explain... Meet me at the park at 8:30 and I'll explain everything...
~Gray Fullbuster"
I cringed at that name, but it wouldn't hurt to try right?
-Time Skip by Mira's Shipping-
I walked to the park wearing
a pink dress and pink flats. I continued to walk and I saw a hooded figure. I ran closer and saw a bit of raven hair. Yup, that's Gray. I waved and he waved back. I hope he's ok... I-I can't lose him.
Gray's P.O.V
I watched her come near me, I was terrified. I couldn't lose her, but my father said no distractions...
We had dinner and talked a bit...
"Explain." Lucy said sternly. I let out a sigh and responded,
"Ok, ok. I'm gonna be the new leader of Sabertooth after my father leaves it to me, that's why I left," I looked up to see Lucy shocked but I continued with my story,
" I'm really sorry I've been acting like a jerk to you, I just didn't want to end our friendship, your future.... Us. I didn't want to ruin your dream of joining this guild. But now, I have to claim my spot and remove any distractions..." I let my bangs cover my eyes as I said,
"Sting... Rogue..." The two dragon slayer came in and grabbed Lucy by her forearm.
"H-Hey! Let me go!" Lucy said trying to move.
A tear rolled down my face.
'I'm so sorry...'

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