.:6 Years Old & 7 Years Old:.

"Hide and seek."

In the dark? Won't he get scared? And we could get lost or robbed or find monsters. "Zayn, what if we get lost? Or monsters find us?" I ask looking up at him really scared.

He just laughs, and for some reason that makes me smile. If he's not worried, then I guess I shouldn't either, he is older than me after all. "Don't worry Niall, we won't. And if monsters come," he smiles showing his pearly whites "I'll protect you."

"Really?" Would he keep me safe? We just met, and he's acting like we've been friends now for a while. But it's nice that a stranger cares about me. "Pinky promise?" I say giving him my puppy eyes.

He kneels down in front of me, face just inches from mine "I, Zayn, promise to keep you, Niall, safe from any harm." He then holds up his pinky finger, and after thinking a bit, I wrap my own with his. "Pinky promise." He says.

I grin hugely at him, happy that he pinky promised because now he can't break the promise. It's the rule. "Yes! Now, do I count or you?" I ask as he takes a step back.

Zayn starts to hum a song, one that sends shivers down my spine, it sounds creepy. But I don't want to say anything, I don't want to lose my new friend "How about I go hide, and you have to find me. Is that okay with you Niall?"

I move my head to the left, worried now "But, you won't go far right? I don't want to be alone." I can hear my voice lower to a whisper at the end showing how worried I really am.

He just laughs, and I frown. What's so funny? "Niall, we're friends right?" I nod not understanding "Friends don't leave each other alone Niall. I won't go far, I don't want you to cry or feel sad."

Oh. Oh! Without thinking about it, I run straight to him and hug him around his legs tightly. My head barely reaches his waist, I feel short. "Thank you so much, Zayn! You're the bestest friend I've ever had! Thank you thank you thank you!!"

It's a bit weird to hug him because he's freezing, but I don't mind. But then I feel him freeze while I'm hugging him. Uh-oh. I pull away really fast, scared that he'll get mad. What if he doesn't like hugs? "Sorry, Zayn. I didn't mean to do that." I say in my sorriest voice. I don't look at him. Instead, I look at the dark space between two trees. What's in there?

"Niall?" All of a sudden, I see two red spots looking back at me. Like Zayn's eyes. "Niall?" Maybe, it's his brother? I start to walk to it, but then I feel a cold body wrapped around my tiny one, that's what snaps me back to normal. I blink and realize Zayn is hugging me back. Do I hug him back? But I just gave him a hug.

"Niall, come on buddy. We're going to play, remember?" He says in a weird voice.

I wiggle out of his arms and nod with a smile "Right! Okay, so I'll count to thirty, and then I'll come find you. Remember not to go far Mr." I say in a stern tone pretending to be older than I am.

He laughs "I'll remember Niall. As long as you remember not to peek."

I gasp like I'm insulted. "Me? Peek? Never, I would never."

Zayn just rolls his eyes "Sure sure. Now cover your eyes little leprechaun and let me hide." He waits until I do so, then I hear him walk away.

"1...2...3..4.5..6" this is taking way too long! I want to go find him now, but I can't. Wait, he never said anything about not counting fast. "! Ready or not Zayn, here I come!"

This time, I don't wait for anything and just run through the tress forgetting about not going too far from where we were. I need to find Zayn so I can win. After a while, I slow down to walking, the air getting colder with every step. Did I get lost? I can't get lost, I still have to go home! It was a stupid idea to go in here in the dark, but I still did it. I'm going to die in here. What about Zayn?

"Zayn?" I shout. "Zayn!"

I hear nothing. Just the wind blowing and the beaches on the trees moving. I call Zayn, again and again, each time my voice getting louder until I'm shouting his name almost in tears. "ZAYN!" Tears form in my eyes, and I try to fight them but its no use.

"Z-Zayn! Please come find me, I'm lost!" I beg, frozen to my spot in fear. The tears fall, and I give up on fighting them. I start to cry, dropping to the ground scared and alone. I thought friends wouldn't leave each other? He promised.

All of a sudden, I stop crying and listen hard. I think I heard something, like a growl. Almost like an animal...and footsteps. Mum said monsters aren't real and Zayn said he would protect me. Liars. Both of them! They're coming closer.



I hope it's a vampire because then I won't get eaten. Stop it, Niall! You're not going to die.


"Make it stop. Make it stop." I keep whispering over and over again. Why can't the monster thing go away, it's scaring me. "Make it stop. Please."


"Niall?" That's not Zayn's voice. I instantly curl up in a little ball not wanting to see the persons face. It's not my parents either or anyone that I know.

Then I feel myself being held in the person's cold arms -just like Zayn-, and they start walking. "Let's get you home Niall. You seem tired, it's almost twelve." I can't argue with the person, I really am tired, and it's taking a lot of strength to stay awake.

I slowly start to fall asleep, the outline of my hero coming into view and I know I'm safe. I was safe with Zayn...but he left me. He broke his pinky promise.

.:7 Years Old:.

"Niall you're getting a babysitter."

Did mum just-? "What?"

She looks at me in a cheery mood "You're getting a babysitter honey. And before you say anything else, it's because your dad and I are going on a trip, but we can't take you. So, you're staying home with someone."

That's not fair! Then I won't be able to see Zayn or play with him. Even though he left me when I was six, I forgave him after a while because I missed him. He was one of the few friends that I have. But now with an annoying sitter, I can't go see him.





"There he is!" Mum says excited and runs to the door. "There you are!"

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