We were meant to stick together

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(Y/N)s p.o.v

Chris and I decided to check the bodies to make sure they were definitely dead. They smelt of vomit and blood was everywhere. A few bodies might have been trailed along the snow, this was apparent because there were big trails of blood from here off into the distance. We sit down on a fallen tree and Chris buries his head in his hands. I felt sorry for him. I had only met him but I can tell he's a sweet guy with good intentions. Whatever was happening between him and ashley was clearly bothering him.
  "Chris?" I say, trying to grab his attention. He looks up at me, waiting for me to continue speaking. "Why did you leave us? Ashley told you she was pregnant and, you got of there as quick as you could." I felt bad for asking, but I felt as though it was important to him and that it was really bothering him so I'm going to let him speak.
   "I love her, (Y/N), so much." He says with sorrow in his eyes but passion in his words.
  "Then what's wrong? I can tell something is bothering you." I reply. He looks at me and I could tell it was something big.
   "It's not my child." He says. "We are too young too be planning this out, but, she said she loved me and I told her I loved her then she sleeps with random men, forgets protection and gets pregnant with some strangers child. And the worst thing is, she said she loves him. She broke my heart. She broke me. And Mike and jess and Sam don't care about me. They didn't come out to make sure I was safe and not dead. You did. Someone who doesn't know me that well, cares more about me, than my own best friends." He looked at me for 5 seconds then decided to turn on a flashlight,  considering it is night.
   "Chris, you don't deserve that. I've known you for, a day or two, and I can tell you that you deserve better than that. I'm not one for inspirational speeches but just know that you will find love, true love, someday. When you do find it, hold on to it, never let it go. And as for the others, they care about you. I promise. They just, didn't understand the situation and didn't know how to react." I say reassuringly. He hugs me, suddenly, and when he let's go, he begins to run towards the cave again. I walk behind him and carry the flamethrower with me.
   "Where are they?" I hear. I walk through the trees to see Mike and Jessica sleeping, and ashley and Sam are nowhere to be seen.
  "Where'd they go?" I ask as Chris looks about frantically. He stops to take a breath.
   "I don't know."

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