missing mrs. rosey:( ch.19

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hey guys im going for hayleys advice so here is a filler (omg never seemed to have done one of these before) if anyone thinks i have pls comment and tell me i have and which chappy because i will need to read it and see wha i have done so here we are hope you enjoy








I've stood here since the girls left, not talking, not even blinking just standing, waiting. Everytime I hear a door open I turn to see if its Rosey. It never is. I stood there feeling like my world was falling apart around me, and I have no way to stop it without Rosa by my side. I could feel the wire link in my head have a block on Rosey's side of it. I just want to hear her voice to let me know she's okay. Without her i'm nothing and I won't be until I get my mate back.

"Sam son, stop mopping we'll get her back by the days out," Funny how I never heard dad walk in. "You need to get some sleep, I'll watch T.T and get Taylor if anything changes." Dad spoke with a small smile.

"Do you really think we'll get her back this time dad? How come i'm always such a screw up?" I could feel the depression starting.

"Because son your a player, and a bond of a mate with a player, takes a long time to activate itself to its full potentiol. you might have felt like there was a bond there but it was weak now its stronger than ever, and you can feel it through your sadness, but she can too. Now go get some sleep and when you wake up try the bond again I'm sure it will make a difference."

I nodded and let it sink in, I felt tears start to well up I was on the brink of a brake down.

"Tell me if anything changes I don't care what it is, wake me up for anything thats an order," I looked down when I said this "Dad..." I looked over at him.

"Yes son?" He frowned.

"Thanks for everything!" He just smiled  and took a seat next to T.T as I left the room.

Up stairs in my room I grabbed the hidden photo of Rosey that I took one night before the sleepover when we slept in the same room the night after the alpha battle, I lay there staring at it hoping next time I see her it will be face to face with my pups next to us in the nursery. I drifted asleep thinking of what my pups would look like.

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