63. Dinner

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63. Dinner

I slid the black form fitting fabric over my legs and waited before buttoning them. Ever since my realization I've been stalling everything. I can't seem to get it off of my mind.

I felt a firm grasp around my waist and moments later I was thrown onto the bed with a loud thud.

I looked up seeing harry, also shirtless, above me smiling.

"You alright?" He asked bringing his lips to my neck. I moaned quietly knowing his mum, or Gemma could be in the room next door.

"I'm lovely." I lied. I met the other women, the worst part about it was, she didn't even know who I was. And if she did she wasn't phased.

His lips interrupted my thought as he continuously kissed me lightly.

"You're so beautiful." He whispered into my mouth. I squeezed my eyes shut as gooseflesh covered my stomach. His big warm hands ran down my torso.

"Stop, please babe." I pushed him off of me, frankly not in the mood.

"What do you mean? Rose what's wrong?"

"Nothing." I paused standing up and going back to my luggage bag to get my shirt. "I'm just cold." I lied. Again.

"Rose, I told you I didn't want you going out." He sighed heavily.

"What are you on about?" I asked slipping the rather simple jumper on and adjusting it comfortably.

"You're not just cold, you saw someone didn't you?!"

"No." It was more of an eye full of gorgeousness.

It's not the fact that he cheated, it's that it was with someone so much more beautiful. I can't explain, you wouldn't understand, but she was no me. Even I want to cheat on me with her.

"Rose, I don't know who it was, or what was said, but you're better, and I know that." He paused coming closer, pushing the jumper up off my back and held me close. His hands where the jumper was just resting.

"I'm sure I am." I pushed him off of me and went into the bathroom.

I heard him kick something and groan loudly. I saw him run his hands over his face and watch me through the mirror.

"Who was it?"

"It was no one." I began to French braid my hair ignoring his attempts.

"Rose." He warned.

"Are you ready? It's almost time for dinner." I pushed past him and walked out.

I tried to ignore him as much as I could instead of talking to him or having to go about this. Because, whether I like it or not, tomorrow Jenna is going to be there and I have no way to stop her or him.

He grabbed my arm yanking me back and glaring at me.

"We need to talk, now." He demanded as if it was going to change my mind.

"No, we don't. Let go."

"Are you okay? What did I do?"

"What didn't you do? One, you cheated on me." I pointed an accusing finger at him as I spoke in the absolute most quiet whisper a human can produce. "Two, you cheated on me with a gorgeous girl and I can't help but think she's all you want!" I put my finger on his chest pressing it hard into him. "Three, you've put our lives, and relationship on the line." I took a step pushing him back towards the room and picking up a stride. "Four, even after I do- the unmentionable deed, you beat up somebody because they helped me!" I get him into the room and shut the door behind me. "Five, you can't seem to understand, as much as I am yours, I will NEVER feel good enough. And it hurts! A lot." I finished fighting back emotions.

He brought his hand up to my cheek. "Listen to me, and you better listen." He spoke looking directly into my eyes. "You're my girlfriend, as your boyfriend I have two jobs. One, be your everything. You need a shoulder to cry on? I've got two. Need help? Just say my name. Need a kidney? Take them. I would take a bullet for you." He paused as I saw tears form in his eyes. "Two, do everything in my power to protect you from anyone and anything. Whether it be an ant, or yourself I will help. Right now it's yourself. Rose, I can't tell you you're beautiful because its not good enough. You're prettier than beautiful, more intelligent than beautiful, far more creative than beautiful. No words can tell you, none. But I know right now marriage is ridiculous but in the future, near or far, I want you to be Rose Marie Felicity Styles someday." He said fast my as our foreheads were pressed together, his breath fanning over my face.

"Kiss me, you fucking idiot." I demanded. Our lips met in a sweet passionate kiss that kept me wanting more.

He instantly grabbed me, hoisting me up ,and forcefully pushing my legs around his waist.

Needy is what he seemed like, although I'm sure he is.

"Harry-" I muttered.

"Rose." He echoed.

"Stop, your family is down the hall."

"I don't care." He said between kisses. His persistence to get into my pants was, almost, attractive, no matter how mad I was. His big hands pushed me off as I flopped onto the bed, his body hovered mine. I put my hands on top of his shoulders, feeling his muscles flex. I bit my bottom lip looking into his eyes. His eyes became narrowed and looked directly into mine.

"How was it?" He growled.

"How was what?" I retorted snidely.

"Sleeping with satan." He spat bitterly.

"It's none of your business." I said truthfully as he slowly killed the moment.

"I can love you better." His hot warm breath hit my ear drum. His voice sent shivers down my spine. Making me arch my back just enough to feel his body above mine.

"I don't want your love." I pushed him off. "I want to get out of here." I lied. I really want his love. But I'm actually really mad.

"Rose-" he grabbed my arm. "Can we talk about this?"

"I think we've both said enough."

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