Everything's All Right

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I paced around the waiting room, the white coloring getting to me. It was too bright. Too cheerful. Too hopeful.

"Faythe?" I heard someone ask. I turned around to see Josh's mom. I smiled weakly at her.


She smiled sadly at me. "I wanted to thank you for finding him. You obviously care alot about him."

I couldn't help but feel guilt when sadness washed over me. "It was kinda my fault he's like this though."

She shook her head. "Miranda told me what happened. It's not your fault and you shouldn't blame yourself. It was his fault for choosing to drink rather than sorting out this misunderstanding."

I didn't say anything and I don't think she expected me to. "If you want, you can go see him now. He's stabilized and he just woke up."

I swallowed hard before nodding my head. I walked over to his room, and stepped in, my gaze set on the ground.

"Fay?" I heard him ask. As I brought my gaze to look at him, I couldn't help it. I ran over to him and hugged him.

"Don't you ever fucking do that. I thought you were going to die," I sobbed. I heard him sigh before he wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm sorry."

I looked at him through teary eyes. "I take back what I said earlier. I want to be your girlfriend."

He grinned widely before pressing his lips to mine. He pulled back and hugged me again.

"Thank you."


I smiled happily as I looked around the sea of black, shouts and screams filling the air.

"Congratulations Fay!" I heard someone shout as they tackled me in the process. I laughed as I hugged Kat.

"Congrats to you, too."

She smiled before looking over my shoulder, a grin crawling on her face. "I should go see Bob..." she said, trailing off.

I watched her retreating form in confusion before I felt arms wrap around my waist. I smiled widely before turning around and wrapping my own arms around Josh's neck. "Hey there," i said, pressing my lips up to his. He grinned, pulling me closer before I could pull away.

We were finally graduates and I couldn't be any more happy.

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