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I heard the chime of my phone as I was snuggled in bed, my pillow wet with tears. I sighed as I slowly sat up, letting the blankets fall as I picked up my discarded bag at the end of my bag and fished through it until I pulled out the blinking device.


"Fay?" I heard Miranda's tentative voice ask. "Are you okay?"

I bit my lip, keeping in that biting remark that stood on the end of my tongue. "I'm okay, I guess."

"...I was wondering if you've seen Josh int the past few hours." I could feel my throat tighten.

"What happened?"

I heard a sigh come from the other end of the phone. "His mom reported him as missing. No one's seen him in the last 8 hours."

I took a glance at the clock. 1:30 a.m.

I swore under my breath before I began shedding my pajamas for regular clothes.


"Yeah?" I asked distractedly.

"Did something happen between the two of you?"

I sighed before I gave her a quick rundown of what happened behind the auditorium.

"...Why did you turn him down?" she asked me as I was slipping my shoes on and heading out the door.

I bit my lip to keep the sarcastic remark in. "Well, I thought that maybe I would take your suggestion."

I heard her mumble under her breath. "Fay, when I said to start from scratch, I mean dating wise. You should start going out with him, bug be like other couples and go on dates and stuff. You guys were only going out for a day."

I felt bile rise in my throat. "I got to go," i told her, ignoring her cires of protest before I shut the phone and slid it in my pocket, getting into the car and driving off. I had a feeling where he might be. And if I was right, I had to hurry.


"Hey Faythe," I heard a deep, rumbling voice greet as I approached the old building. I nodded at the security guard. "Did Josh come by tonight?'

He scrunched his face up in thought before nodding. "Yeah. In fact, I don't think he left yet..." he trailed off, his eyes going big.

That was all I needed to hear before I darted in, the humidity of body heat quickly suffocating me. All around me, teens and young adults were dancing to the pulsating music. But I ignored the drunken dancers and headed over to the stairs, climbing up until I reached a white metallic door. I quickly opened it to see a bunch of guys sitting in a circle, syringe needles littering the floor while the smoke was thick in the air. Among them was Josh, who sat in the corner looking way out of it. I headed over to him, trying to get his attention.

"Josh. Josh. Look at me," i pleaded, seeing his glazed eyes looking at me. "Hi girlie. I'd say I'd bang you, but then Fay would b-be mad at me," he slurred out. I could feel the tears pricking my eyes.

"Josh. It's me, Fay. I need you to tell me what you took."

He pointed to an empty syringe. "I took some of that and before that, i was drinking some really good juice."

I mentally smacked my forehead. But he blacked out.

"Josh!" I screamed, unable to wake him up. I pulled my phone out and dialed in 911.

'Please be okay,' i thought as I talked to the person on the other end.

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