Niall Horan Dirty Imagine *Not Mine*

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Y/N's P.O.V

I was waiting for Niall to get back from tour rehearsals silently in our bed. Over the past year of One Direction's existence he's gotten himself tons of tattoos and added some piercings. The way those eerie tattoos intertwine with each other and form a masterpiece. It just drives me insane in a good way.

Most of my friends and family members never really liked Niall for it. But I, on the other hand, found it completely attractive. I remember telling my friends that I'd never go for a guy like him. But his personality just got to me. He was so sweet.

But we've had our rough times together too. Cheating scandals, lies and small things are what got to us rarely. They would usually be solved with him bringing me flowers or better yet rough sex. Niall was often sweet and really gentle but on special occasions or after fights he'd pound into me like there was no tomorrow. He'd whisper sweet things into my ear then turn them into really dirty remarks.

We had a fight just a week ago and we weren't exactly on speaking terms. He'd leave early in the morning to go to tour rehearsals and I'd go to bed early. I can tell he wanted to have make up sex but I wouldn't even look him straight in the eye. He'd hug me at night, when we slept, and I'd feel his hard member pressing up against me so I did a little teasing. Like brushing my hand over it a few times while turning. It got too much last night to the point where he had to go to the bathroom to masturbate.

Tonight was going to be different. I was in control whether he liked it or not. I bought some lingerie and toys with Eleanor and Danielle the other day. I told them about my plan and they seemed to love it.

I heard the front door close so I assume he's home. For once this week this Irish man comes home early. I was wearing my black lace lingerie, something that caught Niall's eye while we were shopping in Victoria's Secret.

All the lights are turned off except the bedroom. Niall walks in and his mouth drops. I walk over to him and lay him down on the bed. "Pr-Princess what is this?" I've never been this dominant in bed, it was usually Niall. I remove his shirt and traced his tattoos. Some dedicated to me. I looked back up to see his eyes clouded with lust.

"Paybacks a bitch Niall." I kissed him roughly, turning my head to deepen the kiss. It doesn't take him long to kiss me back. We were soon fighting for dominance and for once I won. His metal piercing running against my bottom lip. I let out a moan, crap I was losing. I quickly grab his hands and handcuff them to the bedposts, pulling away smirking. I scratched my nails down his torso and earned a hiss escape his lips.

I palmed his hard on and removed his pants along with his Calvin Klein boxers. His cock stood up fast, hitting his stomach at the speed of lightning. He bucked his hips up, begging for attention. I shook my head and laughed darkly. "You shouldn't have done that babe." A new rule hit my head. So why not? I took him in my hands and spread the precum all over his hard cock at a slow torturous pace. "Fu-Fuck Princess! Just do something." I was pleased with his begging so I took him in my mouth. My head bobbed up and down, hollowing my cheeks. I swirled my tongue around his head a few times and deep-throated him. I played with his balls for a little. He started becoming a moaning mess. "Almost there Princess! Oh fuck I'm going to cum." I let his hard member fall from my mouth. "What the fuck?! Keep sucking!" His Irish accent was thicker than ever.

I got off the bed and went over to my Victoria's Secret bag pulling out my vibrator. I turned it on and ran the tip lightly on Niall's tip. He grunted from the little touch. "I cum first Niall." Sitting on his thighs, just above his erection, I slowly pushed the vibrator in and started moving my hips. After feeling much pleasure, I started feeling the knot in my stomach. I pulled it out and sat on Niall's face. "Eat me." He dove his tongue in me and penetrated my walls with his metal tongue piercing. "Fuuck Niall!" He dove his tongue further into me and reached my g-spot. I threw my head back and came all over his face, without any warning, him resulting to clean me up.

His lips were still dripping from my juices which tasted sweet. "Thanks. Let me reward you babe." He smirked and gasped when I dropped down on his cock "Oh shit princess! ". I started moving my hips in figure eights and then bounced. He thrusted his hips up and moaned my name out like crazy. His tattoos glistened with sweat and his lip ring covered in moist from his ragged breathing.

I leaned over to uncuff only to be flipped so now he was on top. "So fucking tight. Who made you this tight huh?" His eyes were focused intensely at mine just staring down at them like it was the only thing that held him together. "Yo-you did Niall!" Niall dove down and crashed his lips on mine. "That's right baby girl. Only I can do this to you." Not too rough but not too gentle either. It was a loving kiss. My climax was approaching fast, "Niall I-I'm close!" "Just a little more babe." He started thrusting harder and harder. His tattoos were now all covered in sweat. And it turned me on even more. His chest heaving up and down in an unusually fast pace.

His powerful thrusts had his tip hitting my g-spot all the time. I pulled his lips down to meet mine again. Soon enough, we ere moaning into each others mouths. "On the count of three." I nodded and thrusted my hips forward. "Fuck! 1..." He thrusted hard. "2..." He thrusted even harder. "3..." His last and strongest thrust sent me a wave of white over my eyes. I felt him cum inside me like never before. After a couple of thrusts, he laid on top of me and kissed me sweetly.

"I'm sorry babe." I looked over and wondered what he meant. "I'm sorry for being such an arse lately. I love you more than ever."

"I love you too Nialler." The last thing I said before drifting off to sleep.