Thanks Miranda

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Weeks passed by and lately, the only people I talked to was Miranda, Colton, Bob, and Kat. Jake tried to talk to me, but I tried my best to avoid him. Josh, on the other hand, was doing his best to ignore me.

I sighed as I laid down on the bleachers, the sun shining down on me and the wind caressing my skin. School has just ended and the rush of Friday's was already slowing down as everyone headed home. But I didn't. Home was ... difficult to be at. Since everyone knew where I lived, I hardly ever got time to myself as of late. Miranda was always over to make sure I didn't run away with Colton tagging along. Kat and Bob came over just because they were bored, wanting to tell me all the gossip that was circulating around the school. And Jake figured that if he can't talk to me at school, he can talk to me at my house.

I got up and stretched, feeling sweat start to prickle my skin. I shouldered my bag and stood up, stretching my arms over my head and hearing my back pop. I made my way down the bleachers and walked across the field to the back of the school auditorium. I dropped my bag and laid down on the concrete ground, sighing once more as the shadow's coolness soaked into my skin. I closed my eyes and just let time pass by.

But unfortunately, fate didn't seem to want to be that kind.


I snapped my eyes open to see Josh standing over me. I swallowed hard before I waved, putting a weak smile on my face.

"Hey..." I greeted, trailing off in the end.

He smiled, taking a seat next to me, causing me to look at him wierdly.

"...I thought you were mad at me."

He shrugged. "Guess who talked to me?"

I shrugged this time. "Miranda?"

He shook his head. "Surprisingly, Jake did. He explained what happened."

I stared at him, disbelief on my face. "And you believed him?"

He turned to look at me sheepishly. "Well...not at first. But he recorded the conversation and replayed it for me."

I blinked. "He .... recorded the conversation?"

He nodded his head. "Yeah ... it was on his phone."

I rolled my eyes. "He's weird."

He nodded his head, but he kept a small smile on his face. "Um .... I know I was ignoring you, but would you want to give us another try?"

I opened my mouth to say yes. But Miranda's words played around in my head.

...start from scratch

I sighed, biting my lip. "Can we be friends first? You know, make our relationship stronger?"

He frowned. He then stood up abruptly. "Sure. I got to go now."

As he stomped off, I couldn't help but punch the ground. Thanks Miranda, I thought bitterly as tears lined my vision.

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