Chapter 36

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The week went by slowly and then it was finally Saturday. Rina and I were laying in my room watching Netflix when Della interrupts.
"Mira there's people here for you." She yells loudly.
"Don't let the boys up!" Rina yelled back for me.
"It's not Jacob and Jay."
"Would you stop yelling, you're hurting my ears. Just let them up." I yell.
"Who's here to see you? No offense but you aren't exactly popular." Rina asks. 
"Gee thanks."
"I said no offense "
"Rina! Mira!" Liz and Hannah burst into the room.
I got up and hugged them both. Gosh, I didn't realize how much I had missed them.
"What?" Rina asks dumbly. I look at her and smiled sheepishly.
"Did I forget to mention that Hannah and Liz were coming over?"
"Um yea you did." She hit me on the shoulder and then hugged the girls.
"So what's been going on in your life?" Hannah asked after we had all sat down.
"Yes spill the deets."
"Well-" I started to say but just then Jay and Jacob came in.
"That what's been going on in our life." Rina finishes.
"Hello ladies." Jacob said and wedged himself between Rina and I on the bed.
"Who's this?" Liz asked and glanced warily between them. I got up from my spot and let Jay sit down before sitting on his lap. I leaned into him and Jacob attempted to put his arm around me. It didn't really work out well but he managed to squeeze his arm between my back and Jay's, making me very uncomfortable.
So far this week, Jay and I had avoided what I had blurt out last weekend.
"I'm obviously her bff." Jacob says.
"Move your arm, it hurts." I whine and try to shove him away. With a shrug, he removes his arm from around me and puts it around Rina. She pushes him off and he pouts. I roll my eyes at him and hold out my hand for him. He happily laces his hand with mine. He's such a baby. I decide to finally get back to Liz's question.
"This is my boyfriend Jay and my best friend Jacob." I introduce.
"No!" Rina yelled and Jacob stuck his tongue out at her.
"Sorry, my best guy friend." I corrected, putting emphasis on guy.
"Thank you." Rina then stuck her tongue out at Jacob.
"Wait, back up. You have a boyfriend?! And he's hot? So let me get this straight you actually talked to two guys and befriended them?" Liz demanded.
"Yep. And I have a boyfriend also. But he won't be joining us like these idiots." Rina said proudly.
"Ya, why are you guys here? I told you Hannah and Liz were coming over." I look over at Jacob and he shrugs.
"Ask lover boy. He wanted to come." He said and gestured to Jay. Jay smiled shyly and shrugged.
"Wait so you told everyone but me that they were coming over?" Rina asks me.
"I try."
"Enough bickering what are we doing tonight?" Hannah intrudes.
"I brought pizza and cookies. It's downstairs." Jay tells us.
"Why?" I ask.
"Don't question the boy, he brought pizza. You found yourself a keeper." Liz said and sprinted downstairs.
"I still owed you and Cameron for when I lost at Just Dance. This is payment."
We all followed Liz downstairs and saw cheesy goodness waiting for us. We all dug in, each of us taking three pieces each.
"What do you think my house is, an orphanage?" Dad questions when he saw the six of us with our mouths full.
"What?" I ask.
"Don't talk with your mouth full. Do you think you can just have people over whenever you want?"
"Ya basically. There's no rule against it."
"That's cause you didn't have any friends before."
Dad just shook his head at me. He started to walk away but stops.
"Oh, Mom declared that tomorrow is family day so your friends have to be gone by 11." He put air quotes around 'family day'
"Ugh I hate when she decides its family day. It's so boring." I whine
"Sorry, I couldn't talk her out of it." He walks away and I look over at Rina. She rolls her eyes and nods. Yay, I won't be suffering alone tomorrow; Rina agreed to stay with me.
"So, what are we doing tonight?" Hannah asks again.
"Hmm what do you wanna do?"
"I don't know what do you wanna do?"
"I don't know."
Suddenly, I had an idea.
"Jacob, you have a truck." I say.
"I'm incredibly sexy." He replies.
"Oh sorry, I thought we were stating obvious facts."
"If I was gonna say obvious facts then I'd say something true like I'm amazing. Anyway, you can drive us to Kart Kraze. Anyone up for go karting?"
There was chorus of 'yea' and 'yay' and our night was decided.
"Sorry to burst your bubble but I don't have enough room for all of us in my truck." Jacob informed me.
"There's enough room for us in the bed of the truck." Rina points out.
"I'm pretty sure that's illegal." Hannah says.
"Then you can sit up front with the boys party pooper."
"Um it is illegal so no." Jacob says.
"Pretty please?"
"Fiiinne. You and Jay can go on Jay's motorcycle and Rina can drive us in the truck." I suggest.
"How bout no. I guess I'll let you ride in the back."
"Yay I just gotta go change."
I ran upstairs and replaced my sweatpants and baggy shirt for some skinny jeans, loose fitted v-neck, leather jacket, and combat boots. I love fall weather and wearing pants.
When I returned downstairs, everyone was waiting for me by the door. We walk outside and jump in the bed of the truck.
"Damn girl, you've changed a lot." Liz says as she eyes my outfit.
"Not really."
"Yes really. Your cloths look more badass, you wear makeup, you've socialized with boys, and Rina tells me your in love."
My cheeks flare red and I glare at Rina.
"Uh no not really."
"Uh yes really." Rina says.
"You've changed a lot too, Rina." Hannah says.
"No wonder you've both been too busy to hang out lately." Liz says with a smirk and glances at Jay and Jacob. I ignore her comment and knock on the window that separates us from the boys. Jay looks back at us and opens the window.
"Ok back there?"
"Ya turn the music up so we can hear it."
He does as he's told and we jam out to Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. Jacob attempts to turn it down, complaining about it hurting his ears but I yell at him so he leaves it up.
Several times during the ride I nearly fell out. It was super awesome.
After go karting, we went back to my house.
"Aren't you getting out of the car?" I ask the boys when they don't move.
"No, we're going to a party. See ya later dorks."
They zoomed out of the driveway and I looked over at Rina.
"Ready?" I ask.
"Ready for what?" Hannah asks.
"You'll see.."
We lead them down the our basement aka 'the lair' and get out everything we needed. Unfortunately Chewy, my giant dog, was sitting on our most important materials.
"Chewy get you giant butt up!" I attempt to shove him away but he refuses to budge.
"I got this." Rina disappeared for a few seconds but returned with a dog treat. Chewy waged his tail and Rina threw it, causing him to run after it.
"Conceited much?" Liz asks as she flips through our stacks of photos.
"It's for our next prank. They're making it too easy to prank them."
"Any one care to explain?"
"We're pranking the boys, duh. I thought it was obvious." I tell them.
"Thanks for the sarcasm but I'm still lost." Liz says.
"We'd in the middle of a prank war with the boys. We were gonna prank them after they had gone to sleep but now that they're going to the party, we can just do it now." Rina explains.
"So what's the prank?"
"Isn't it obvious? We're gonna cover their walls with our pictures. Now let's move out."
"But I don't wanna." Liz whines.
"Then stay here and miss out on all the fun."
Rina and I run up the stairs with Liz and Hannah trailing behind us. I quickly go up to my room and find black and dark grey sweatshirts and sweatpants. I return downstairs and throw them at the girls.
"Seriously?" Liz looks with distant at the clothing.
"Yes, seriously. We gotta look stealthy."
Despite much whining, I finally got everyone to put on their ninja outfits. Then, we walked out side with a bag full of supplies.
"Who's house are we going to first?" I ask Rina.
"We have to do both of their houses?" "This is too much work." Liz and Hannah complain. Rina and I ignore them and continue like they hadn't spoken.
"I think Jay's house first."
"Sounds good."
After Hannah drove us to Jay's house, we got to work and covered everything we could with out faces. Jay's brother had let us in and helped us so it went way faster.
Then, Hannah drove us back to my house and we walked over to Jacob's house. I decided knocking on the front door was the best way in. Unfortunately, it wasn't the person I expected. Instead of Mrs. Taylor answering the door, it was a grumpy looking man with a bushy mustache. Mr. Taylor didn't like me very much, he said I was 'to weird and unflattering.' News flash, you're no fun either Mr. Taylor!
"Jacob's not home." He grumbles and goes to slam the door in my face before I can even say hello.
"Who is it?" Someone yells from inside.
"Those annoying girls Jacob always hangs out with. They look like they're about to rob our house." He replies. Then, Mrs. Taylor walks over and smiles brightly at us.
"Hello girls."
"Hi Mrs. T." Rina and I say together.
"Here for your prank?" She smirks knowingly. Rina and I throw accusing glares at each other.
"You told her? I didn't say anything! Well then how'd she know?" We say in sync.
"Jacob told me that you were in a prank war. I figured that since you're dressed like that then it must mean you're up to no good. Come on in." She holds the door open wider for us, much to Mr. Taylor's dismay.
"Oh, Mrs. T, this is Hannah and Liz. They'll be helping us tonight." Rina introduces them.
"Nice to meet you. You know where his room is, have fun."
We go upstairs and get to work.
"Rina can you pass me the silly string please?"
"Here ya go Mira." She tosses it to me and I put silly string all over Jacob's pillow.
"This is awesome!" Liz exclaims and looks around. We covered every single thing with our picture and then silly stringed stuff.
"It's a work of art." Hannah praises.
"Mira, lipstick please." Rina holds out her hand.
"No, you wrote on Jay's mirror. I wanna write on Jacob's." I whine.
"To bad I'm doing it." Liz snatches the tube of red lipstick from my hand and walks over to Jacob's big mirror.
'We know how much you love seeing our sexy faces. You're welcome.
Xoxo -R, M, L, H'
Just as Hannah was signing her initial, we heard footsteps coming towards the room.
"Shit hide." I whisper and we all scramble to find a good hiding spot. Rina and Hannah hid in the closet and Liz hid under the covers in his bed. I look around wildly, trying to find a decent spot to hide. I was too slow though because Jacob and Jay walked in. I quickly dropped to the floor and curled up in a ball. Perhaps they wouldn't notice me...
"We see you dumbass." Jacob says and kicks me gently in the side. I sigh and sit up, looking around. Luckily, they haven't noticed the others.
They don't even seem surprised by Jacob's new decoration. In fact, they don't even acknowledge them.
"Come out come out wherever you are." Jacob said and walked around the room. Slowly, the three other girls came out of hiding.
"Holds you know?" Rina asks him.
"My dad said, and I quote, 'your mother let four batshit crazy girls up into your room.'"
Damn Mr. Taylor, outing us like that. How rude.
"Well, uh we gotta go so see ya later!" I say and run from the room the three other follow behind me and Jacob starts yelling at us to clean up. We ignore him and run all the way back to my basement.
We were all panting severely due to our lack of being in shape.
"That was awesome!" Liz says and high fives us all.
"Let's just hope they don't try to prank us back."

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