Boring Thursday.....

Goddess' VIEW

L.A. California, Thursday 8:00pm...

"Don't wake me uuuuuuuuup, don't wake me up up up up up!" My alarm sounded off Chris Brown- Don't Wake Me Up. I hop up turning it off as I glare at the time. I have to be at Plush in an hour. The name is Goddess Hayes and I'm 24 years young. Yes young! I'm from the wonderful land of Bronx, New York, but I moved to LA because my parents kicked me out at the age 18. It wasn't that I was a troubling child no, I made straight A's , always did my school work, and I had a job. 

I was a stripper of course, and I needed to make some bread in order to stay at my parents. They had me pay rent, $200 a night and when I was stripping I could provide just that. One night my parents asked me what my occupation was. I was dumbfounded of words. I stuttered, I gave no eye contact and my palms got sweaty. Then I thought about it, it's a job shit, it pays good money why hide it. I told them and my mom fainted. My father was disappointed and said these exact words, "Goddess Faith Hayes pack your shit and get out my damn house!" I swear that hurt and the words still haunt me till this day.

So I did as told, packed my shit and got out, I got out to California. Bought me a lil condo, found a lil man to love and started bartending at Plush. I worked there for 6 years. Plush became my life ever since I moved here, the money is good and I seen a lot of shit that I can't even tell you. Some good some bad, but whatever it keeps me going.

I pull up to Plush parking in my permitted parking spot. I hop out my hot pink Bentley closing and locking it up behind me. I walk through the back entrance, greet the wonderful ladies or strippers, as I walk to my locker. 

"DD! Its about time you got here I missed you last night!" ChiChi greeted as we hugged. ChiChi is my Spanish mami, she welcomed me with open arms the first day I started working here. I already had experience cuz in Bronx I use to bartend every Friday night. She still trained me tho cuz they do things a lil different here. 

ChiChi showed me the ropes, told me about the strippers to watch out for, the regulars that like certain attention and to just relax don't be so uptight. She's been working here for 7 years, her brother is the owner of the club and at 17 she was lost. Now at 23 she's your favorite bartender as am I.

"Girl how you miss me last night and we was just together?" I asked changing into my black short booty shorts and black tank top. That was our uniforms Mon-Thurs. On Fri-Sun we wear body suits, with fishnets and heels. Friday and Saturday is the most live action doe. That's when the celebs come and business starts booming. 

"You know I can't stay away from you DD. You like family you know. Also Larry's been asking for you. You know your regular?" I sigh nodding. Larry comes every Thursday night to vent to me. He's in a relationship with a hoe that works with the KingPin of LA. YG or some shit like that. I seen him a couple times, I don't know the nigga like that tho. He doing my man Larry dirty I know that much. Sleeping with his girl and shit. I put my thirty inch Brazilian in a bun, wrapping my short black apron around my thick waist. I walk through the beaded curtains, followed by ChiChi as we serve our customers with a smile. 

"Hey Larry."  I spoke with a smile, setting up my station. "Finally my companion. I tried to talk to ChiChi but her thick accent messes me all up." He said causing me to laugh.

"Oh it's ok Larry. The usual?" He nods with the biggest grin on his face. I prepare his Hennessy on the rocks with diced lemon on the side. Don't ask me what's the lemon for chile cuz I don't even know.

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