Two Heads Are Better Than One (Figurative)

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Once upon a time, there were two wolves called Candy and Cane. They were both out hunting for food. At first, they hunted separately, each wolf going after his own prey.

Candy spotted a herd of bighorn sheep and decided to hunt one. However, having lived alone for a long time, he had close to no experience in hunting and failed. When he next spotted some rabbits, he tried to kill them. Unfortunately, he kept failing and soon lay panting heavily.

At the same time, Cane was having the same bad luck. He had spotted a herd of elk and tried sneaking up to them. Sadly, they smelt his scent and stampeded, heading away. After a tiring chase, Cane finally gave up and plodded head down, tired and hungry.

When he reached a stream and drank water from it, he noticed another wolf lying on the ground, tail curled around himself as he slept. It was Candy! I wonder if he knows how to hunt... Maybe we can hunt together! Cane thought to himself.

Feeling slightly excited, Cane trotted over to Candy. As soon as Cane came within 10 metres of Candy, Candy woke. At first, he was wary but willing to listen to Cane.

"Hey, I'm Cane! Do you know how to hunt? I've tried hunting myself but I can never catch those animals... Maybe we can even hunt together!" Cane suggested, a sense of relief and excitement washing over him.

Thinking about Cane's suggestion, Candy nodded. "Okay, I'm Candy! Let's work together to hunt!"

Fortunately, their plan to work together worked and soon, both were eating the caribou they hunted together.


haha, so this is the second moral. Two heads are better than one ;) I wrote this one haha. Thanks for reading!

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