Chapter 1

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alison pov

"can i get a cereal mama?" my 5 year old daughter asked me as we shopped at our local stop & shop.

i smiled, "okay. but only one okay?"

she nodded and skipped to the breakfast aisle, her blonde curls bouncing.

i chuckled and turned to the racks.


someone cleared their throat and i sighed, "if i see more than one box then you have to put them ba-" i turned and froze in my step, color drained from my face.

there, in front of me, stood the 4 people that i used to call my best friends.

spencer hastings, aria montgomery, hanna marin and...her...emily fields.

"w-what are you guys d-doing h-here?" i stuttered out, my voice shaky.

"emily returned home to her base here and aria is here for her book tour and i'm her manager and editor. and hanna is just here with us...what are you doing here alison? shouldn't you be in jail? not living in california?" spencer hissed out at me.

"w-well n-no. because i d-di-"

"don't even try alison. we know what you did and who you are. once you left rosewood everything stopped. the cops have been searching everywhere for you. and now we finally got you. em." hanna said and emily pulled out her phone.

i went to run to her, "no no no!" spencer and hanna pushed me back and tears filled my eyes as emily went to dial the number, "it's too late alison. you're over." aria said as spencer and hanna held me in place, holding my arms behind my back as i wriggled to try to escape their grip as i cried out.

"mama? MAMA!" alexis cried out, dropping the cereal and ran over to me.

spencer and hanna loosened their grip on me and i ran over to alexis.

she held her arms up to me and jumped up into my arms.

i held her tightly, "don't go mama! don't let them take you!" she cried out.

i nodded, "it's okay baby. it's okay." i soothed, trying to calm her.

i turned to the others and they were all clearly in shock.

i sniffled, "please...don't take me away from my daughter. she's all i have left." i said pleadingly.

emily slowly put her phone away into her pocket.

"i will explain everything some time but know this...i didn't kill anyone."  i said.

they looked at eachother and sighed.

"but i don't get it. when you left-"

"when i left it all stopped i know. i don't know why but i can promise you it wasn't me. i left because i was going to be a mother." i said and shook my head.

alexis snuggled her head into me, "are they taking you away mama?"

"no. no sweetie they're not. i'm not going anywhere okay? i'm right here baby girl. forever and always okay?" i whispered, taking her hand gently and kissed the back of it.

i looked at the clock on the wall and my throat went dy.

3:35 pm

no no no no no.

i grabbed my bag and threw it over my shoulder.

"i got to go." i said and they shouted, "your food!"

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