Part Eleven

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Welcome back to the show. Warning: May include cliffhangers that aren't really my fault.


Enjoy part eleven, though.


Before Nico could panic, or even cry out to Walt, the ground erupted beneath him. Unlike Sadie's destruction spell earlier, Nico felt with his underground sense that this time it was actually leading somewhere, caused by a greater force.

Simply like that, he fell in through the ground, his sight still tinted with darkness of first-waking from unconsciousness, but not before he caught sight of the shocked and blown expressions on the group of three's faces. With a feeling of guilty pleasure, he plummeted through darkness, and it felt like returning to Tartarus. Only that this time, he knew exactly what speech was waiting for him once he landed ungracefully, and a smile tugged at the edge of his mouth while he quickly lost his sense of time and thoughts and never felt it when he hit a solid platform.


"-can't do anything to stop him. He has those grisly 'cousins' of his."

"I never would have thought you'd think of that duo as 'grisly', my lieutenant." The second voice was familiar, so familiar...

"But they are. They're slimy, slithering mortals with some of the worst intentions mortals can have." The first voice was definitely complaining, which sounded strange with its voice being so rich and resonant.

"And you, you told your son about the fate performance thingy majig?"

" 'Thingy majig'?" The first voice sounded exasperated, as much as a deep, low-pitched voice can do manage to sound so exasperated.

Ears tuned in before his eyes opened, Nico already wondered what the conversation being held right near him was about. His sense of touch was scraping off again. He felt a soft luxury blanket under him, separating him from hard floor. The hard floor he had landed on. He didn't think he landed on a blanket, that was for sure. He attempted to remember where he was and how he'd gotten there. A moment later, his eyes snapped open. Kai. Walt. Fate's thread. Erupting ground. A strong sense of Underworld-iness before he lost consciousness.

Raising his head and looking around, Nico could tell that he was in a large room, a throne room. The walls were decorated darkly, with bones and black lace, even a large skull fountain in the corner that spilled an orange liquid that looked suspiciously like orange juice. To his left, at the front of the room, was a throne made of black steel and bones, etched with ancient runes telling a story of horrible deaths and tortures. On the throne sat a thin man in dark Greek robes, with ruby-studded rings glittering on his pale-white fingers. His hand was carefully wound in his long dark hair, giving it a look of sinking in a sea of black pasta. At his side stood a tall, muscular man in a short chiton robe. He had snowy white skin and straight black hair, with two enormous black wings protruding from his shoulder blades. They seemed to be deep in a heated discussion until they turned their head at Nico.

"Oh, Nico," said his father in his cold, thoughtful voice. "So good of you to join us. But first, I'd like you to meet my most loyal lieutenant."

"I have heard much about you, son of Hades," the man with the black wings spoke with his deep voice. "I am Thanatos."


"Yes, you are." You're a very sexy Thanatos, too.

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