Chapter 17. No Accident.

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Chapter 17.

I am so sorry guys, I am so sorry to have made you all wait so long; I will understand if you guys hate me though here is the long awaited chapter. I hope you guys read it and not give up on me. I have been so busy with school, work and family. Though please enjoy, it isn’t edited so keep that in mind please.

Only a few more chapters to go!


It was like my world had crashed. Four words broke me down completely. I thought I could never be broken, but here I was falling to pieces.

“They didn’t make it?” I whispered. No, there had to be a mistake. They couldn’t be dead. Mum was breathing, Stefan was breathing when we got here. He had it wrong. They need to be alive. They have to be alive.

The doctor gave me a sad look and a quick nod. There was pain in his eyes as well as concern. I looked at him, it was real. There was no mistake. His face said it all. They were gone, my parents were gone. Gone just like that, taken, away from me just like that. Never able to come back.

I collapsed to the ground, my knees failed to keep me up any longer. It was like someone had stabbed me in the heart and was just standing there twisting it around and around. I felt numb but pain at the same time. My blood turned cold and I began to shiver. It was like someone had sucked the life out of me. Took my life away from me.

“Angel, its ok” I heard Jeremy say as he picked me up. His arms wrapped around me making me feel a little bit better but I had so many emotions. I was sad, angry and confused. Nothing could take that pain away, not even Jeremy.

“No, it will never be ok” I screamed stepping away from him. He had tears in his eyes as well. I instantly felt bad. There I was feeling sorry for myself when he had to be going through the same thing as me. I felt bad.

“Doctor, they were both breathing when we came in here” I crocked out.

“Yes they were, but they both stopped breathing, we couldn’t save them miss, we tried we really did do everything to try and save them, I am sorry for your loss” He said.

“I just can’t believe it” I cried as Jeremy wrapped his arms around me. I leaned into him and cried into his chest.


I held Angel close to me, I was afraid to let her go. She was hurting so much. In 10 minutes she had soaked my shirt. I had tears in my eyes, but I was trying to hold it together. I had to be the strong one. I had to. I would pull both of us through this together.

I was so shocked when Keith called me. I was going to go off at him but he told me he was at the hospital with Angel and instantly all my thoughts flew out the window about yelling at him. I asked him why and he told me though I didn’t believe it.

I had come as fast as I could and I was glad I made it to hear the news. Not that I was glad to hear the news, I’m going to miss my parents very much but because I was here for Angel.

I looked down at the beauty in my arms. She had cried herself to sleep. I held her closer and kissed her head.

“Jeremy” I heard Keith whisper.

“Yeah?” I asked in a low voice so I wouldn’t wake Angel up.

“I don’t think your parent’s crash was an incident” He replied softly, looking at me with sad eyes.

Instantly my blood ran cold. My mind went to Luke. Then my blood began to boil. If he had something to do with my parent’s death he was defiantly a walking dead man.

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