I'm what!?

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~Chapter 9~

(Echo's POV)

I woke up to the most amazing sight ever. The man of my dreams asleep next to me smiling and shirtless...

"Mornin' angel." :)

Gahh that sexy morning voice and side smile of his. I am definitely falling madly in love with him... AGAIN. :)

"Morning sexy. Have fun last night? Like I even have to ask."

"Haha definitely. You didn't even have to ask my love." ;)

"Haha didn't think I would've had to, I could tell you were having fun."

"Well that was the best blow job I've ever gotten."

"Oh really?"


"Mommy, what's a bl-"

That's all our daughter got out before my mom clapped her hands over her mouth and eyes.

"Oh Umm... hey mom... hey Harmony sweetie..."

"Well.. we'll be downstairs Hun..."

"Okay.. thanks mom.."

"Umm.. you're welcome.. take a shower and get dressed, you are helping me plan a family reunion today."

"Okay mom."


*Four Weeks Later*

"Okay, now we have two hours and forty-three minutes until.."


"Everybody is.."


"Supposed to be.."


"What sweetie?"

"Calm down, you're stressing me out."

"Are you okay sweetie you don't look t-"

"Hold that thought."

With that I ran off to find a bathroom only to find Luke following me.

"Baby, what's wrong?"

"Umm, there's a possibility I'm pregnant... I haven't ha-"

Two and a half hours later and more violent puking then I finally agreed to go to the doctor only to prove my theory right.

*At the hospital*

"Mr. and Mrs. Bryan, would you like to know the sex of your baby?"

We looked at each other, smiled, and both nodded in agreement.

"Of course." I said with excitement and waited ten minutes for the pictures of our baby and what it would be.. :)

*Ten minutes later*

"Well, congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bryan, you are having..."


Oh my God!!! What will it be? A boy? Another girl? Wait to find out!! I will try to update a bit more frequently my lovelies!!!

~Emma Lee

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