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-day of the event-

Kimberly's POV

It was 10: 30 there is 2 hours till the show I saw Marina "Suprised your up" she said "why" I asked " you always literally wake up at three" she says laughing and goes down stairs "True" I say.

I went to the shower and got out blow dried my hair, brushed my teeth, and leave my face natural I don't really wear make up. I changed into a Hollister grey sweater, black skinny jeans, and my black combat boots. I grab my phone and go down stairs.

I see Matthew "hi Matt"I say he looks at me "hey Kim" "what you up to" "nothing just on twitter" "hey matt can I like talk to you about something" "sure" he says and and put his phone down. "Is there something wrong"he asks concerned.

"I don't think we should date anymore it's not because of you it's just I don't think we....Meant for eachother" I say kinda of sad "I think you're right I thinkwe should just move on with our lives are we still going to be best friends" he said smiling when he said best friends, I nodded and I hugged him while he hugged me back.

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