Casual Affair

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Prompt: You catch Oliver in a sticky situation he doesn't want to get out of

Pairing: Oliver x Reader

Warnings: None

Words: 1182

A/N: None


It wasn't hard for Oliver to hook onto a girl in the club. All the girls here were most likely drunk, high, or both, and usually Oliver wasn't one to take advantage of any of those types, but he was desperate now more than ever.

With Ra's Al Ghul threatening him and his loved ones, he can't have the risk of him finding you, the girl he has loved for many years, and doing something drastic. He won't be able to live with himself knowing that there's a possibility that you'll be harmed because of him.

So, the girl he hooked was slightly drunk, enough to slur her words together, but not enough to not remember any of this. Her bright blonde hair making him sick to his stomach, more than before, if that were even possible.

Cheating on you with a blonde was always your worst nightmare. He knew it, too.

"The Oliver Queen," the girl slurred as Oliver ran a hand down her thigh, trying hard not to make a disgusted face, trying hard not to pull away at this terrible plan. "Making a move on me." She chuckled, her breath that smelled of all sorts of alcohol fanning over his face. She tsked. "What a dream come true."

She took his hand and laid it over her shoulder as the thumping music blared throughout the club. She leaned in close, a smile playing on her lips as they made contact with his earlobe. Oliver was doing nothing to stop it.

"Let's take this somewhere... private."

"You read my mind," Oliver whispered into her ear, sliding his hand off her shoulder and taking her by the wrist, leading her up the stairs and into the storage room. As she disappeared into the room, Oliver stopped at the doorway and looked back, his eyes dancing over the crowd and soon landing on Diggle, who was standing by the bar.

Oliver walked into the room as Diggle's eyes landed on him.

The time seemed to go by slowly as you paced in the bathroom, your bare feet slapping the tiles of the floor as your eyes always seemed to be flickering to the clock on the wall, where the second hand felt like it hadn't moved an inch since you last looked. It was almost midnight and you knew that your boyfriend, Oliver, is at the club, planning out his next vigilante move.

You were supposed to start your period a few days ago, and after realizing that you're late, you decided to go to the store and pick up a box of pregnancy tests. It's been a minute, now you're just waiting for that last minute to speed on by. Which it isn't.

A groan of frustration came from your throat as you stopped pacing and looked at the clock, thirty seconds remaining. You felt impatient for once in your life and, out of boredom, you pulled your phone out of your pocket and scrolled through it to Oliver's name, pressing the call button and putting your phone to your ear.

When it went to voicemail, you hung up and looked at the clock again.

Excitement rushed through you as you practically ran to the bathroom sink, picking up the stick from the counter and bringing it up to your eyes. Your heart fluttered as you processed the two lines on the tiny screen, a smile lighting your features.

You were pregnant. You were going to have a baby with the man you love.

Setting the test back onto the counter, you left the bathroom and pulled on your coat and shoes, grabbing your car keys and planned the conversation between you and Oliver as you made your way to your car.

The club was thumping music, a song you can't interpret over the dropping of the bass, and you weaved your way through dancing people and to the bar, your eyes searching the crowd for Oliver. Yet, there was zero chance that he'll be here. He's more likely to be downstairs than dancing in the club. Still, you had to be sure.

"Hey, Y/N." Diggle placed a hand on the small of your back and you practically jumped out of your shoes. "Sorry," he chuckled, "did I scare you?"

You turned to look at him. "No," you assured him. "Have you seen Oliver, though?"

He nodded. "Last I seen him, he was heading into the storage room," he said. "Don't think he came back out. I'll go check and see-"

"No, that's okay," you said, "I'll go."

"Is everything alright?" he asked over the music. "You looked..."


"Very." He laughed.

You looked towards the storage room and back at Diggle, biting your lip as you considered telling Oliver's best friend the news before Oliver himself. Giving in, you took a deep breath. "Diggle, I'm pregnant."

He smiled, his eyes brightening at the news. "Oh, my-" He huffed and brought you into a tight hug. "That's such great news, Y/N!" he declared as he released you. "Does Oliver know?"

You shook your head. "No, that's why I'm looking for him." You smiled, taking another deep breath. "Wish me luck."

And you walked away.

You pushed open the storage room door, walking around the racks of wine, but your steps faltering as you laid eyes on the scene that twisted your happiness into anger and frustration.

Oliver practically eating a blonde's face.

"Ollie?" Your voice cracked, cracked, and you felt weak at that moment.

The two broke apart, Oliver meeting your eyes as the blonde looked between the two of you before huffing in annoyance and storming out of the room, heels clacking as she left.

You could practically feel your heart shattering.

"Oh, hey, Y/N." You scoffed and turned away, preparing to leave.

But you stopped walking and turned around. "You know what, Oliver?" Your eyes glossed over and Oliver could feel his heart ripping, but he kept up the confused facade. "You were the only man in the entire world who made me feel important. You were the only one in the galaxy who loved me for me and... I thought that, you know, you actually loved me."

His jaw clenched. "Well, guess you were wrong."


You bit your lip, willing yourself not to lose it. "Yeah," you whispered. "Guess I was." And, with that, you walked out, leaving behind Oliver and down the stairs, passing by Diggle without saying a single word.

After a while, Oliver slowly walked down the stairs, gaining Diggle's attention. They stood next to each other, Diggle having no idea what happened. "Guessing you didn't take the news very well, then," he finally said.

Oliver looked at him in confusion. "What news?"

"She didn't tell you?"

The playboy shook his head.

"Man, Y/N's pregnant."

He whipped his head towards the way you left, knowing it was too late to get you back. He already felt guilty, but now he felt regret.

"If she didn't tell you, what happened up there?"

Oliver sighed. "A terrible plan."

That morning, when Oliver returned to the shared apartment, all your belongings were gone. Not even a single piece of clothing left behind.

He cried that night, and he was always out of it from there on out whenever he put on that hood.

He was miserable, but he never once hit that call button.

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