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Y/n pov

I walked down the isolated street, rain beating down. I looked around the gloomy neighborhood. It was like a ghost town, no one was out. Not while it was raining this hard. I sighed and changed the path I was walking, heading into the  dense forest. I glanced at the warning sign nailed to a tree.
It read:

Strange deaths and disappearances located in forest

I ignored it and continued my walk. It started raining harder, the trees made it worse. The water would gather on the leaves, then fall in a large amount. I was soaked. It's okay least you can't tell I'm crying. I walked for a long time, listening to the forest. Once I thought I was far enough, I stopped...and pulled out the blood stained razor. The tears fell at a faster rate, as I slid the sharp object across my wrist several times. I placed it at the beginning of my wrist, digging it in, and started cutting downwards. It was suddenly jerked from my hands, I yelped loudly and stumbled backwards. I looked up, hiding my bleeding arm. A scowling man stood there. He had brown hair and glowing pure green eyes. His cloak like thing had its hood up, covering his hair slightly. "Now why would you do that?" He hissed, throwing the blade into the air. In a bright green flash, it bursted into flames, it burned to a crisp and turned to dust.
I just starred at him, slight fear raising at what just happened."Well?" He demanded. "I-I.." I couldn't find the words. He sighed, "I guess this isn't the correct approach. You look scared, am I correct?" I managed to nod a little. I was, honestly. "I'd expect that. Just know that I wont...hurt you." He hissed that threw gritted teeth, as if he hated saying it. Maybe he did. He said with a calmer voice, "Now, why would you do that?" I looked down, I'm not about to spill my feelings to a stranger who might not be I? I am...gotta tell somebody! "W-well..." I trailed off, not knowing what to say. "Take your time. "I...I-I just...don't...nobody likes wouldn't miss my if I'm gone.." I trailed off again. He sighed, and brought me into a sudden hug, "You don't need to die. You're to precocious." I stood there, so..confused. "H-how?" I whispered out. "I'm not sure. But I'll find out." I listened to every word he said. "You're important, trust me. You are." I nodded slightly, "Can you prove it?" He smiled, "One way, I will." I smiled slightly, "Alright. Can I know your name?" "My name's Seto." Seto, that's a nice name. "Thank you, Seto. My name's Y/n." He smiled a little more, "A beautiful name or a beautiful girl." I blushed slightly. He took off his hood, and wrapped it around me, "Come on, lets get out of the rain." I smiled and followed him as he started walking. Maybe, this strange man, would bring me happiness. True Happiness.

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How ironic :3

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