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I was the usual teen by day, but every night I would either TP the jocks and the preppy girls houses or tag something with my many spray cans of colors I obviously was the tomboy trouble maker of the school, but most of the time I would go to the local grocery store and clean out the shelves of the candy section and stop by the coffee shop on my way back and grab a cappuccino. I belonged to a rich family too and I was an only child, so in order to keep me from being mugged on my nightly raids, which my parents had no idea of, I asked my father to take me to karate and judo classes when I was only four years old, and now I was fourteen so eh I guess I was pretty advanced since I soared through my classes and got skipped up a bit too.

Tonight I was going to go to the store and buy enough candy to fill my large backpack, I also packed my favorite cans of spray paint the metallic beauties I love sooo much black, green, neon blue and purple, gold, silver, blood crimson, and neon pink. I also packed some of utensils for them along with it. I had my iPad and big neon purple head phones and normal earphones squished in the same pocket too, at least I saved the big pocket for my junk food. Then I got to the point, I tied my long black hair with purple highlights into a bun and shoved them under my black fedora with a neon purple trim and ribbon. I pulled over my black hoodie and put on some black skinny jeans with my bright purple Nikes, I also tucked a neon purple spandex mask into the top of it along with gloves so I wouldn't get caught if I picked up something that could leave traces of finger prints on it, police these days could track you just by your prints. I wasn't going to take that chance, and besides I had earned a name for myself, the Purple Slendy Girl, or something like that. Kids at my school talked about it often, I had also spread the rumor that I knew her and if anyone would be brave enough to mess with me they would answer to her, which I kindly demonstrated to the school prep girls. Lets just say they didn't wake up from their linoleum floor nap in the girls bathroom for about half an hour, and they had lovely sharpie tattoos all over their pretty lil' faces.

I then waited for my parents g6 mustang to pull out of the driveway to their fancy party, which meant they would be home the next day with a hangover or something. I then tucked my apple iPhone into my pocket and ran out the door leaving my room light on so they would think I was home. I then ran back inside when I realized I wanted to bring my mini speakers for my iPad, I got them and ran down the canal way behind the mansion. It was a short cut too the store, and my target house.

A short while later I was thankful for getting into track, my lungs didn't burn after I had just ran a mile to the store I stashed my pack in the usual hiding place in the old abandoned loft on the side of the store, walking in I went straight to the junk food isle, I caught a glimpse of the manager who I was now good friends with, he had a smirk on his face as I walked into the isle his dull caramel brown eyes gleaming with the usual greed he had.

I then got to work stocking up on random candy and chips and such in my small carry basket I had gotten from a pile in the front of the store. I saw a pack of my favorite watermelon candy on the top shelf, being about five five I couldn't exactly reach it but I didn't need to as a mans hand grabbed it down for me before I thought about climbing the shelf,"Could I interest you in some silly string tonight Amsel?" The store manager asked as I put on a crooked smile, perfect silly string I probably would need that tonight.

"Yeah Greg, got any green?" I said as he produced from behind his back the biggest can of silly string I had ever saw.

"Been Savin this one for you." He crooned as I watched the crows feet near his eyes fold up on each other and make three neat wrinkles as he grinned widely, I could see the grey streaks starting to form in his black hair.

"Thanks Greg." I squealed happily as he placed it into my basket, he smelt like coffee creamer, probably late nigh for him. "Well I need to get home now don't want the parents freaking out." I lied through my teeth cleverly enough so he couldn't hear the tremor in my voice as I smiled sweetly. He patted me on the shoulder and let out a hardy laugh making his protruding stomach jiggle and beige work clothes shake slightly.

"Well tell them I said hello." He said recovering from his laugh then walked away back to his office. I then checked myself out not wanting to bother the cranky looking employees as they checked out the remaining people.

I then went and retrieved my stuff packing all of my junk and stuff, I had also found meme masks like troll face and me gusta face in the junk isle and picked those up too, disposing of the plastic bags in the corner, adding to the litter in the old loft. Picking up my black backpack I slid out into the night as I slipped on my purple spandex mask and delved into the cover of the bushes near the canal. A while later I heard some strange noises and went to investigate, it was coming from the other side of the canal in the forest, I also saw some blue and red flashes following the noises. Limbering up I jumped and nailed it on the other side, not even wet, I thought confidently as the noises continued rousing me from my thoughts.

Quietly as I could, I crept thought the underbrush I came across a strange scene, giant robots fighting each other, I was seriously confused. Was this a Japenese product or something, they have so much technology I wouldn't doubt it wouldn't be them, but yet again they were moving too fluidly to be built machines that moved jerkily.

I just looked on witnessing the battle before a strange blue white and green portal opened and some of the robots retreated. Strangely the other few dozen lingered for a bit, most of them looked liked drones but two looked different, one was navy blue, silver, and orange, the other was red and silver with some neon yellow flames on his arms, they were conversing about something. Being curious I slipped around the clearing trying to get closer, I then looked back at the scene, where was the red one.

Then I heard some strange noises behind me as I turned around stunned and started backing away at the sight before me,"Well well well, what have we here? A fleshy the Autobots left behind?"

"Ack! Fichen!" I cursed in German surprised craning my neck up to see his flaming crimson eyes.

"What was that? I'm afraid I can't hear you." He teased reaching down to grab me with claw like metal hands.

"I'm warning you! This stuff stings like hell if it gets in you eyes!" I said pulling out my metallic neon pink can of spray paint, when I got an idea.

"Oh, please human methods won't work on me cause, well, I'm not human." He mocked bringing his huge face down to mine and proceeding to try and grab me, right before he did though I opened the can of paint and unloaded it into his eyes before he screamed and pulled back I painted on a crude monocle, mustache, and goatee over the one he already had, roaring irritatedly he stumbled back fiercely rubbing his eyes as the paint dried on his face. I gave a victory laugh,"Hey! Now you look handsome!" I giggled and began sprinting as I heard the other robots running after me.

It didn't take long for the same one I had painted on to recover and catch up to me as I glanced back and saw him growl something to the bots and tell them to stay there or something. He eventually caught up to me but not before I slid into a drainage pipe and coming out the other end a few yards away as the bot looked into the hole oblivious to my escape, I began to tiptoe not wanting to hear me while keeping an eye on him as I bumped into something cold and metal and I looked up fearfully into the strange red glowing strip this new robot had, before I could react I was being squeezed in

large metal hands,"Sir I got it!" He said as the red robot looked up furiously with the pink facial acquirements courtesy of muah I couldn't help but giggle at his face, earning me a tighter squeeze knocking the air out of me as I choked a bit, I was more worried about my paint cans exploding or my food getting crushed being the silly being that I am.

"Toss her here!" He growled, as I was flung into the air hurtling to the robot as he turned into a sports car! What the hell! I thought stunned as I plopped into the white and grey leather seating, instantly the door closed and the seat belts began unwinding as they tried to wrap me up, but I began to spaz out all over the place so they couldn't muttering German curses and what not, you could say I had a potty mouth. And English wasn't my best subject coming to America, I still had some issues with it churning around in my accent. The belts eventually got me and wrapped me up,'So this is what being a fly in a web feels like.' I thought before a strange small prod thingy ejected from a place in the ceiling and zapped me with electricity as I instantly blacked out.

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