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Pen Your Pride

Kenneth awoke with a hunger he'd never felt before. He had been restless of late and couldn't shake this sense of impending doom that was coursing through him. After curbing his hunger; he decided a walk was in order. He walked down the dank dirty streets, passing a bum sleeping on one of the benches. Ahh South Beach, He smirked to himself. A virtual playground for murders, thieves and drug dealers. He fit in perfectly.

Kenneth had come to Miami six months ago from his native home in Madrid and still had no clue as to what he was doing here. He just packed one day and took off, not knowing where he was going. He traveled day and night; never wavering or turning back. It was like his soul ( if he had one, that is ) knew exactly where to go. Sure enough, when he got here, he knew this was his final destination. He just had no damn clue as to why.

Kenneth never made up excuses for what he was. He was a creature of the night; plain and simple. He killed without remorse. Hell, that's how he survived. A guy's got to eat right? Kenneth knew what it meant to be evil. He'd asked for the gift over one hundred years ago and who was he to complain? He did whatever he wanted whenever he wanted and didn't have to answer to anyone. He had more money than he'd ever spend in a lifetime. The only complaint he could currently think of, had to do with the damn compulsion that forced him to come to this hot, humid cesspool where the scum of human society were left to congregate.

It had been hours since he'd eaten and Kenneth figured he would go back and see if his prey had been discovered yet. Sure enough; the vice squad was there and swarming all over the place like a pack of wolves on the hunt. Stupid Humans. He thought to himself. Kenneth didn't have anything against the humans. Not personally. After all; he used to be one. But over the years, he'd found that most of them are not that bright. From what he saw, most of the time they just walked around scratching their heads; like a bunch of monkeys. They'll never find anything. He thought pleased with himself. The only thing they'll find about this victim is the fact that there isn't a drop of blood left in his sorry ass. They will never find out how it happened as there are no bite marks. One of the Perks of have healing antibodies in your saliva. So all the pigs will have is a dried up carcass and no clue as to how it got that way.

He chuckled to himself as another squad car rolled up. More pigs to trifle around in the dirt, hoping to find a clue. The car coasted to a stop right in front of the entrance to the crime scene; An old abandoned theater just off of Ocean Drive and a short, pudgy balding man exited the driver's side in typical pompous pig fashion. Kenneth was just about to turn and leave this sorry display of Miami's finest when the passenger door swung open and the passenger stepped out. All the breath left his lungs and the earth began to spin. There she was; Carmelita, right before his eyes and she was alive! His excitement dissipated as he realized there was no way this angel standing beside the squad car was his Carmelita. She had been dead for over one hundred years.

The impostor moved to the interior of the theater and he followed; his movement quicker than any human could register. Being able to cloak his presence, no one noticed him as he found a good vantage point from which to fully see her and what she was doing. The impostor approached the body and bent down to take a look. Only then, did she address the officer standing in front of her. She looked up at the deputy and asked a number of questions. The deputy responded letting her know what had been done so far.

Kenneth took the opportunity to fully examine the gorgeousness that was this strange woman who resembled his long dead fiance. Her long red hair was pulled into a pony tail on the top of her head. Her hair was the same color as Carmelita's except, this woman's hair seemed to glow as if it were living. Her glowing green eyes, with their golden flakes, were the same as Carmelita's. The rest of her face was also flawlessly the same as he remembered Carmelita's looking, down to the full pouty lips. Lips which at this moment were pulled into the most adorable grim line of concentration Kenneth had ever seen.

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