Chapter 5

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[ Zania's POV ]

I woke up hearing screams.

My eyes flew open.

"Zania!" screamed Frigga.

I leaned up and gasped. Fire flames surrounded the bed.

"Damn it," I say. I swayed my right hand to the right. Then the fire disappeared.

Frigga, Odin, and Loki stood by the door.

Frigga and Odin looked shocked.

I tried to smile.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to," I say.

I was awaken from a bad dream.

Most of the bed had black burnt spots.

I felt most embarassed.

Then Frigga laughed and spoke, "I had forgotten you handle fire! Nearly had to me frightened."

"I'm deeply sorry about the bed-"

"Its alright. Don't worry," Odin said, almost laughing.

"We were talking about you just earlier. Until we went to check on you and seeing you surrounded by flames," Frigga spoke.

I looked at Loki, who gave me this small smirk.

Then he looked at Odin and Frigga and walked away.

I went downstairs into the hallways, finding Thor there with his mortal.

Thor sees me and smiles.

"Morning. Heard you uhhh-"

"Don't talk about it," I say.

He chuckles.

"So you wanna start training today?" he asks.

"Sure," I answer.

"Good, lets suit up," he says.

I raise my brow.


"Do I HAVE to wear this?" I ask.

Thor made me wear a metal armour that was annoyingly uncomfortable. I felt so embarrassed.

Thor's suit looked much simpler.

His mortal, Jane sat in the stone chairs to watch.

Thor laughs and says, "Protection."

He throws me a sword and I catch it.

My father taught me how to use these.


I held up my shield.

Then he motioned me with his hand.

"Now, attack me," he orders.

"Uh, okay," I say.

I charge at him and swung the sword at him. He dodges it.

I rolled my eyes and took a swing at him again.

He dodges it.

Then again. And once more.

As I try pushing my shield against him, he holds it pushes it back. I fall onto the floor, huffing quietly to myself.

I hear him chuckle and walk to me.

"Don't try to force it, Zania," he says.

He reaches a hand out and I grab for it. I go back onto my feet.

"You have to know where there weakness it," he says. He motions me to hit him again.

I swing at him. He dodges.

So I try to swing at him and push my shield against him.

But of course, he dodges and pushes my shield back. I fall onto the floor.

"Weakness," he says.

After many tries, I surrendered and sighed.

"This is not helping," I say, gettting up.

"Do you want someone else to fight you?" he wonders.

"Like who?"

"Me," says Loki.

We look to see Loki holding a staff. He had his head gear on, which was gold and curvy.

I was a bit surprised to see him.

"I don't know-" Thor started to say.

"She wants a fight. I'll give her one," Loki speaks.

Thor looks at me and I nod.

Thor goes to sit by Jane.

Loki smirks and comes forward.

I twirled the sword in my fingers.

"So," I start to say, "You want me to attack you fi-"

Then suddenly, Loki swings his staff at me. Luckily I blocked it with my shield.

But I was a bit caught off guard though.

Then he hits me with the back off the staff in my stomach.

I grunt, trying not to groan too much.

Loki wasn't going to go easy on me.

"Not too much, Loki," Thor says.

Loki grins and says, "What's not enough?"

I swing my sword at him and he reflects it with the staff. We try pushing each other back. Then I butt my shield into his chest.

He stumbles back, but not enough to hurt him deeply.

Loki laughs at that.

I swing my sword while running to him.

Then suddenly he disappears.

But then I'm struck on my back and I fall to the floor.

The pain swelled up.

"Loki," Thor called.

That was Loki who hit me? How did he-

Then I remembered. God of Mischief. Of course.

I feel something against my head.

"Still able to fight, Faddist?" he says.

You know, I was REALLY tired of how he was treating me.

I turned onto my back and kicked him in the stomach.

He stumbles back.

I stand up and start aggressively hitting him with my sword.

He seemed a bit shocked that I was acting this way, but at the same time he was enjoying it.

We continued to fight each other.

He knocks my sword out of my hand and grabs my neck.

I start choking.

"LOKI! Enough!" Thor yells.

I started to feel coldness go up my body.

Loki watches my face.

I start to see ice form out of his hands and onto my skin. It starts to cover my face. The last thing I see is Thor coming towards us.

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