A little knock sounded on the bathroom door, barely audible over the running water. I paused with my hand on my flat, toned soap covered stomach as I waited to see if I’d actually heard the knocking at all. Sure enough another gentle rapping sounded on the wood of the door.

“It’s unlocked!” I informed him over the splashing of the water.

The door didn’t creak, Preston took too good care of his house for that, but I knew it had opened. The sound of him stepping into the bathroom along with his voice informed me of such. “I grabbed you a fresh towel, I didn’t think you’d want to be stuck using mine.”

I laughed, shaking my head even though he couldn’t see me through the deep blue shower curtain. “I’m not that much of a prude you know. I could have just used yours.”

“Now I know for next time,” he commented back and I could hear the smile in his voice. “It’s the red one hanging on the door.”

“Thanks, I’ll be out soon.”

“No need to rush,” he assured me, “we still have twenty minutes until we have to leave.”

“Jesus, how long are you used to girls making you wait?” I teased, running my hands down my body as I talked to him. There’d been some strawberry body wash in his shower and I couldn’t help but go overboard on it. The foam covered my thighs as I ran my hands back up over them.

He chuckled lightly. “I wanted to talk to you before we left so I planned for some extra time last night.”

“Really?” I asked, slightly curious. What would Preston want to talk to me about? Was it something important? I stepped forward into the warm water, rinsing the suds from me as quickly as I could. “What about?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“It can wait until you’re not naked,” he teased, his voice light and full of his adorable smiles as he gave another soft chuckle, “I’ll be in the livingroom when you’re ready.”

My cheeks went a little red as the sound of the door closing managed to reach me over the running water. I was so comfortable around Preston I had forgotten for a moment where I was. Where I was just happened to be naked in the shower at his house. Not exactly the most ideal place for a conversation Kara.

The embarrassment left and I gave a smile to myself as my eyes closed and I finished rinsing in the water. Seeing Preston’s daughter was going to be so much fun! I couldn’t help but amp myself up as I thought about it. I stepped out and looked down to the red towel on the door. It hung beside a tan one and I couldn’t help but find myself tempted to use that one instead. It wasn’t that the red one looked bad. No, it looked perfectly clean.

But just imagine Preston’s face if I would walk out with just his towel wrapped around me.

I shook the thought from my head, unable to hide the evil smile. He’d probably drop dead, that’s what he’d do. 

Not wanting him to die just yet I picked up the red towel and dried off my body. It was still warm from the dryer and everything. He must have been doing a load before he’d come to get me. Did that mean he was a real living male who knew how to do his own laundry? I smiled as I slipped into my clothes, picturing all I knew about Preston.

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