The Martyrdom of Man by Winwood Reade

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The Martyrdom of Man


Winwood Reade

Transcribed by Jan Lloyd ( and Donal O’Danachair




Author’s Preface

Chapter 1 – War


Western Asia

The Persians

The Greeks

The Macedonians


The Phoenicians

Carthage and Rome

Roman Africa

The Arabs

Chapter 2 – Religion

The Natural History of Religion

The Israelites

The Jews

The Prophets

The Character of Jesus

The Christians



The Character of Mohammed

Description of Africa

The Mohammedans in Central Africa

Chapter 3 – Liberty

Ancient Europe

The German Invasion

The Castle

The Town

The Church


Arab Spain

The Portuguese Discoveries

The Slave-Trade

Abolition in Europe

Abolition in America

Materials of Human History

Chapter 4 – Intellect

Animal Period of the Earth

Origin and early History of Man

Summary of Universal History

The Future of the Human Race

The Religion of Reason and Love


Reade’s full name was William Winwood Reade: on the Martrydom, and

on his last book, The Outcast, it stands as Winwood Reade, his literary

choice. A nephew of Charles Reade, he was born at Murrayfield, near

Crieff, on 26 December, 1838, and died at Wimbledon, on 24th April,

1875. (These are the dates of Mr. Legge, who seems, however, not to

have finally correlated them.) He published in 1859 Charlotte and Myra;

in 1860 Liberty Hall Oxon (his college was Magdalen, then known as

Hertford); in 1860 The Veil of Isis, an attack on Catholicism. His first

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