Rough sex | h.s.

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"wow look out!" i hear harry say and i try to spot him in the living room as my vision was too blury from all the beer i had drunk

"yeap right here *he grabs my arm and takes the cup from my hand* youre gonna spill that!" he said and giggled, as he was drunk himself

"ugh harry can i tell you something?"

"yeah anything" he says with a curious tone and comes near me

"i realy want to have rough sex.. you know like real rough , i havent been laid properly in months!" i say despirately

"really?" he says in a turned-on voice, that i didnt notice as i was too drunk

"yeah i want like real fuckin sex-" as i try to continue i feel him pressing my lips harshly and i open my mouth to give him access and it soon turns out to be a heated make-out session

once we part he whispers "i can give you what you want, but are you okay with that?"

"yes i am harry" i moan and kiss him hardly again

he climbs on top of me on the couch and he takes of my dress and smirks as he sees i have no underwear on

i kiss him again and then help him take his clothes off too

we make out for a bit more and he gets off of me and i look at him confused

"at your knees now" he says agressivly and i get wet immediately. i go on my knees and he sits back on the couch whilst stroking his boner,

i get his hand off of it and i lick from the base to the top. i kiss the tip and put his boner in my mouth suckin it

"oh no way bitch" he says and pusses my head making me deep throat him. i go as quickly as possible, trying to finish this so i could take a proper breath but he grabs a fistfull of my hair and makes me go at his pace. he pulled me away by my hair and i gasped for air.

"up now" he ays in that agressive tone again and i do as he says

he picks me up and leads me to the bedroom. as soon as we entered and he close the door he slammed me against it and kissed me roughly after that he put me on the floor and said

"face down, ass up"

i turned around and did as he asked and he spanked me really hard

i screamed by the pain and the pleasure but my knees bent

"no you stay excactly like that, got it?" he said and i noded

he spanked me again and this time i almost fell but i managed to keep myself standing by supporting me with my hands

"good girl" he said and spanked me lots of times more

when he got enough he told me "go to the bed, dogy style"

i emediately did as he said and shortly after i felt him behind me.

i was about to tell him to stop teasing me when he enterned his dick into my ass

"oh fuck hareh!" i screamed and he spanked me making me moan more

"did i say you could speak?" he says clearly amused

"no" i say weekly

"then shut the fuck up" he says as he keeps thrusting in my asshole. just as i couldnt take it anymore he stoped and tolled me "get up and turn around"

i did as i was told and he took my hands and pinned them at the wall just above my head

"you enjoying this?" he asked amused