Welcome to the first wattpad book I ever wrote. I started this book in Oct 2015 and I completed it on 14th June 2017 (well, I'm a very lazy person).

First few chapters are so cringe worthy that you'll . . . cringe. In the starting chapters I just wrote down whatever, I've learned from the other clichés and my not-so-good writing skills make it worse but I believe as this book progressed I got better at it and also tried to make the plot un-cliché. (Which I feel like I did a okay job with)

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be produced in any form, without the author's (aka me) permission.

This book may be shitty or full of crap but I wrote it and it's very close to my heart, being my first book. So please respect that and don't copy my work.

© All rights reserved 2016

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