Chpt. 2 : The Next Victum

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At about noon, I got up from my reading spot to make some lunch. As I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, I flipped on the news that sat on the kitchen counter.

They were having some public announcment about a murder killing a young man a few nights ago, and kiddnapping his wife. A picture of the couple appeared on the screen.

I recognized them. They lived a few blocks from me. I turned the volume up on the TV, forgetting about my un-finished sandwhich.

"We haven't found where he takes the women, but all we have right now is that the killer is white, male, about 20. He doesn't have a wife, or kids, and is overwelmed with jelousy of men with wifes or girlfriends."

I swollowed a lump in my throat, and turned the TV off. I finished my sandwhich, but after taking the first bite, I threw it away. The worry was eating me alive.

I looked a lot like Kim Weaver, the wife of the man who was murdered. We both had dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes. I had more freckles than her, but she had few, along with our hair being different lengths, and mine was thicker.

I took a seat where I sat earlier, and thought of the possiblites of me being the next victum. Would the murder kill Spencer? Probably not, since Spencer was part of the FBI, who were tracking him down now.

I was broken out of my thoughts as someone knocked on my door. I got up, and felt my heart race at the thought of it being Spencer, saying that they finished the case, brought the murder to custody, and is able to be home for the rest of the night.

"Hello? Can I he-" I was cut off by something smacking the side of my head. I fell to the floor, my head landing with a loud thud.


| Spencer |

"You see anything over there?" Morgan asked as I searched the room where Jim Weaver was murdered. Blood stained the carpent where he layed when the unsub slit his throat.

"Nothing but the blood stain on the carpet." I said, examining the bed. "Seems he was thrown from his bed."

Morgan walked over.

The bed blankets were pushed off to the floor. Both pillows had a dent in the center, probably where Kim and Jim slept that night.

"So, I'm the unsub," Morgan starts, and he heads over to the door of the bedroom. "How do I get into the house without waking them?"

I looked around at the windows. They all seemed unbroken, so I went to the front.

"The door was pic-locked." I said, picking out a bobbi pen from the lock on the door.

"Alright, so he knows how to break into a house without waking the residents." Morgan said. He walked quietly to the bedroom.

The floor creecked under one spot. "That would have spooked one of them into walking out of the bedroom..."

"That must have been Kim Weaver." I said, pointing to a chair in the middle of the room, rope and duck tape on the floor.

"So then, she must have screamed when the unsub caught her, and that must have woken Jim Weaver." Morgan said.

"Which would explain the blankets all on the floor." I said. "He must have heard the noise too, but Kim got up to see what it was. When he heard her scream, he threw the blankets to the side, and ran into the living room."

"The unsub must have seen him, and pushed him into the room while he tied Kim up, and duck taped her mouth." Morgan said, finishing the conclusion. "Once he had Kim tied up, he went back into the bedroom, where he took care of Jim."

Morgan pulled out his phone, and called Hotchner. As he did, I pulled mine out, and called Danielle.

"Hey. It's Danielle. Looks like I missed a call from you. So sorry. Leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Bye."

Damn voicemail. I thought to myself, as I waited til the beep came before talking.

"Danielle," I said, walking outside where Morgan couldn't hear. "It's Spencer. I just called to check up on you. The crime scene is close by you, so I want you to be careful. You look alot like the woman who was kiddnapped."

I stopped, I was probably scaring her.

"But don't be afraid. We're gonna get him before he gets you, I promise." I heard a noise behind me, and I said a quick "I love you" before hanging up.

I walked back into the house, and met up with Morgan in the front yard.

"Calling your mom's friends daughter?" Morgan teased as we got into his car.

"What? No." I said, and rolled my eyes. "what did Hotchner say?"

"He said to check out the body." Morgan said. He shot me a smile, and I rolled my eyes.

"So, about this girl" Morgan started.

"Shut up and drive." I muttered.

| Danielle |

A random ringing woke me up. I shot my head up as the home phone rang and rang, until the voicemail beeped.

A gloved finger shot out, and clicked the button so we could hear the voicemail.

"Danielle, it's Spencer." I gasped. " I just called to check up on you. The crime scene is close by you, so I want you to be careful. You look alot like the woman who was kiddnapped." I swollowed a lump in my throat as he paused. 

"But don't be afraid. We're gonna get him before he gets you, I promise." there was another pause, a mutter, and then the line went dead.

I tried to get up from where I was sitting, but rope kept me held to the chair. Duck tape covered my mouth, so all my screams were muffled.

I tried to break the ropes free, but the more I struggled, the deeper the ropes cut into my skin. A hand slammed onto my shoulder, freezing me in fear.

The hand trailed from my shoulder up to my neck. "Try to break free again, and I'll break your neck." a deep, huskey voice said into my ear.

I nodded my head up and down, and he spun my chair around so now I faced him. He wore a black ski mask, and construction workers clothes, along with gloves.

"Now." he said. "Who is Spencer?"

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