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I've never seen Francesca so worried before as I watched her pace to and fro her desk. Actually, I have but the fact that she's pacing still wasn't sitting well with me.

"Are you not going to say something?", I asked, breaking the long since becoming disconcerting silence and holding my head as it had begun to spin wildly from watching her pace so much.

"I can't just believe what you're telling me", she replied as she sat down with a loud humph, quite unlike her, I tell you, "Are you sure it was him?"

"No", I replied with my own groan, "The aura of his magic wasn't present but I can swear I heard a voice that could be no other than his own and my power went all woozy, those usually mean he's involved".

"What do you mean 'woozy'?", she asked with a confused and an underlying tone of something I can't decipher. I can't believe she caught on to that one but even more so, I'm not sure if I'm ready to tell.

Well, if Trichloris is back, I need all the help I can get and lying to the head of the Council of the White Witches doesn't seem to cover it. Besides, what hurt can it do? "I ran four blocks in a flash and I didn't know I was doing it", I replied and now that I mentioned it, I've got to say it sounds more like something out of a science fiction than the magic world- I can just imagine what Francesca will say.

To my surprise, all she replied was "Wow!" and moved on, "So, what do you want to do?"- Kinda weird, don't you think?

Unfortunately, I have other pressing matters and I can't dwell on that. "I don't know, that's why I came to you in the first place", I replied and gave her a 'Please tell me you have this under control' face.

Francesca got up from her seat but went to stare out her window instead of pacing again- Thank God, I don't think I can take anymore of that pace. She started tapping her fingers on the windowpane in a rhythmic fashion and I knew she was deeply lost in thought. I was about to get her attention when she gave me a reply and one that surprised me at that, "I'm going to tell everyone that there's a big chance that Trichloris is back".

"What!", I exclaimed before I could contain myself, isn't the whole point of this keeping it away from the others while we still can? I didn't say that anyway, choosing instead to say, "But I thought the council don't want that getting out".

"Yes, they don't", she replied as she turned to face me, "But the council don't give the orders here, I do and I believe the others have the right to know what is going on. What I want to be sure of though is that are you going to back me up?"

I looked deep into her eyes and I knew my answer would go way beyond the here and now. We are about to go against everything again like the time of the dark war, except that this time the mages are the one we're defying. If everything goes south, then ourselves will be last things we'll need to worry about. The council will make sure the houses of Sanders and Firewalt crash and burn and knowing those people, they won't go down without a fight, war even.

Well, here goes everything. "I'll be with you till the end, Francesca", I replied as I walked up to her and took her hands, "Till the very end".

"What do you think Ms. Firewalt wants to talk about?", Kendra asked me for the gazillionth time and I shook my head as I groaned deeply, getting stabbed a thousand times over is better than what I'm feeling right now.

Unfortunately, she's not someone I can get mad at, even if I tried, believe me. "For the umpteenth time Kendra, I can't tell you".

"But you do know what it is, don't you?", she asked as she spun full force so that she was right in front of me and fuming straight into my face.

"Even if I do, you'll have to kill me to find out", I replied with what I think should be an annoying smirk which caused her to go all kinds of mad as she wanted to physically badger me but Victoria intervened just in time.

"Thank you very much", I said after Vic had shot Kendra a look that got her walking swiftly away. Just so you know, you do not wanna cross Victoria, even more than the devil himself.

"I didn't do it for you, I did it so that I could question you myself", she replied and looked at me with a face that said it all, I just jumped from the fire into the volcano- Is it too late to call Kendra back?

"I... I...", I stuttered but got saved as the bell rang, it was time to go see Francesca in the main school area.

We rushed to the area and found loads and tons of students already waiting, Firewalt must have over ten thousand students because that place was packed to the brim, believe me. Thankfully, we had a place up front, you know, being defenders and all.

"Everyone, please listen to me", said Francesca as she took the podium. I saw that she had opted for her usual grey corporate suit with her trademark bun- She's definitely in her woman on a mission mode right now.

"There's something that has been going on and I think it's about time you knew", she continued and an hush descended on the crowd, "There has been suspicion that-".

"That I'm alive?", asked a voice out of nowhere and every head turned and gasped.

It came from up above and I turned to see a man standing on the roof with his back to the sun and even though I couldn't see him, the nightmare black cloak is not something I can miss. He teleported to the ground in a blink of an eye and all my doubts turned to dust, there's is no mistaking it, Trichloris is so back.

Everything seemed to slow down until it seemed that time itself had stopped except for he and I. With that smile that always makes me fear the evil that resides in that man, he said pointedly to me, "Hello honey, I'm home".

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