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*Your POV* 

"Hey Babe.I need to go to a recording session right now. You want to come with?" Ash asked. "No, am alright." I said with a fake smile. I wasn't alright. I was down in the dumps. I was on twitter and a lot of hate was coming through. "Okay babe. Be careful. Also lock all the doors we don't want what happen last time." He said with a giggle. "Okay. And we weren't home. How did we know that a fan would break in?" I said walking with him to the door. 

"Just be careful love. Love you." He said giving me a kiss. "Love you too babe. See you later." I said with another fake smile. I watched him get into the car and drive off. I closed and locked the doors. I went to go watch spongebob but my phone rang. "Hello?" I asked. "Ashton doesn't love you. So go die in a hole and kill yourself." The girl said and hung up. I stood there in shock. Wow. 

She's right. They said.she is not. I replied. Are you sure? I mean Like you have said before Its Ashton Irwin we're talking about here. He can have any girl he wants but he picks the most broken girl in the god damn market. You are just a waste of space. Go to the restroom and cut deeper. They said.

Maybe I should just this once. I walked into the bathroom and grabbed the razor. 'Only once.' I whispered to myself and made the first cut. That then turned into 12 cuts of all sizes. I continued  but then I head a gasped. 'Y/N. Why are you doing this to your self?' Ashton asked looking at me. 'The demons Ash. They got to me and am just so sorry.' You said sobbing. 

'Babe. Call me. Anywhere I am in the world just call me. I promise that I will be there for as long as I live. I don't want you to be broken anymore. I want you to be happy and with me. I don't want to see your mum putting you in the ground for this. I want to see that smile for as long as I live. Not in a coffin. Y/N can you just trying talking or calling me if you feel this way please?' Ashton said/ask and making me sob even more. 

'Yes I will Ashton. Am so sorry.' you replied. 'Babe. I understand why you did it. I was down that road before. I understand no need to say sorry.' Ashton said picking me up and sitting me on the counter of the sink. 'This might sting a little.' Ashton said cleaning my cuts. 

You were glad to have him next to you. 

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