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You and Michael have been close friends ever since year 4. We have been friends every since. I also liked Michael. The third year of our friendship, thats when I found out I liked him.  But he wouldn't want to be with me because I am just a broken sad girl. 

At the moment I am Michael's house sitting on the couch and waiting for him and the boys. Which will be awkward because they all have girlfriends and Mikey has me. I mean he doesn't like me and he is being a fuck boy again. I hate fuck boy Mikey. 

-1 hour later- 

I hear the door open and I see Michael and the boys with their girlfriends and I see an unknown girl. 

"Hi." I said with a wave. "Oh hi (y/n) I didn't know you were going to be here." Mikey said. Okay. Wow he forgot. "Umm yeah don't you  remember what today is??" I asked. "No. No clue." He said. "Michael who is this?" The girl said. 

"Oh this is my best friend, (y/n)." He said. "Hello nice to meet you." I said with a smile and a wave. "I need to get something." Michael said 

"So how long have you known Michael?" She asked. "Um every since year 4." I answered. "Oh so...Am going to make this very clear, Michael is mine now. I am his girlfriend now. He never liked you and never will." She said. I had tears in my eyes. 

"Okay. Fine. Goodbye then. You will never ever ever see me with Mike again." I said with my voice cracking. I said goodbye to everyone except to Michael. 

I got home to my drunk mother and father. "H-hey you little whore. How many guys this time?" Mum said laughing. I began to cry. I ran up to the bathroom. I grabbed my razors, but I texted Michael saying. 

'Goodbye Mikey. I can't take the teasing and people pushing me around. Your new girlfriend has even told me you never liked me. I guess thats true. I hope you and her have a great life. But one thing before I leave this world forever. I love you Mikey.' 

After I sent the message, I then took my razors and cut parallel on my arms. I climbed into the bath and just thought my life was. My vision became blurry. I smiled. "Bye world." 

-Michael's POV- 

I was sitting next to my friend. Her name is Carly. I don't like her in that way but in a friend way. Me, the boys and her were just watching a movie. I was worried about (y/n) because she left without a goodbye and a hug. She always hugs me before she leaves. 

I then remember what today was. It was our friendship anniversary. I am such a dick. I was about to call (y/n) to tell her am sorry for forgetting but then I receive a text from her. 

'Goodbye Mikey. I can't take the teasing and pushing me around. Your new girlfriend has even told me you never liked me. I guess thats true. I hope you and her have a great life. but one thing before I leave this world forever I love you Mikey.'

"Carly." I said. "Yeah?" She asked. "You are a bitch!!!" I yelled and ran out of my house. I can't loose my Best friend and the one I have loved ever since 5th grade. I can't. I can't believe Carly Told her that. I drove to (y/n) house to see if she is okay. I knew she wasn't. 

I got there and ran to the rest room. I saw (y/n) in the tub. "(Y/N)!!!" I yelled and ran to her. I called an ambulance. 

-Your POV-



Whats going on? "(Y/N)" 

Mikey? MIKEY!!! Wait I didn't die? I WAS SUPPOSE TO DIE!!!! 

I opened my eyes to see a tired Mikey. "Mikey?" I said. I had tubes everywhere. In my arms, my nose, and my hands. "(Y/N). Am so sorry. I am sorry I forgot our anniversary. I am very sorry." Mikey said. "Its okay. You saved me." I said. 

"Am sorry. I love you." Mikey said. "You can't though. You have a girlfriend." I said. "She is not my girlfriend. She is a bitch named Carly. I don't like her. I love you." He said. "I do too." I replied.

"(Y/N) Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. "I would love too." I replied. 

The rest of the night, we cuddled and watch American Horror Story. 

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